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The custom air suspension industry has made leaps and bound over the last 20 years, and many manufacturers / suppliers are capable of providing suspension for just about every vehicle, no matter what your style.

Prior to now air suspension was built for a limited market, mainly MINI Trucks or lowriders. Unfortunately there were many cusomers moving over to the new suspension which had to make sacrifices to accommodate what was available on the market back then. Today’s custom air suspension market is much larger and can accommodate just about any stance you are looking for.

Not only are the air ride systems becoming available for alternate heights but the shops that install this new air bag suspension have the knowledge and ability to modify parts of the vehicles chassis to change the ride height to exactly what your looking for.

Lifted air bag suspension kits, custom car and truck lift suspension, huge air ride lift

Custom engineered control arms, spindles, 4-links, extended trailing arms, custom track bars, links, custom brackets, and taller air bags all make adding a lifted air ride kit possible. It’s not to say that you or your installer won’t run into complications due to the sheer height of the new chassis, but it is certainly a much easier process than it was before.

If you are looking for an air bag lift kit to clear some large wheels (donk style) or are simply looking to gain some off road clearance then x2 can take care of it.

Lowriders are a much diffrent beast all together. Much of the lowered air ride kit equipment used to only go so far depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle. Leaps and bounds have also been made with these dropped air ride systems as well. With lowered control arms, spindles, frame notches, and custom frame modifications durring the installation almost all vehicles can now lay out completely. A good match in wheel and tire diameter should also be considered when trying to maximize the total drop you are looking for. With very large wheels and certain cars and trucks, a completely new custom crossmember may be required to gain the lowered stance you are looking for.

Slammed air suspension, lowered air bag kits, custom dropped air ride

No matter what the application, or heights you are looking for, rest assured with the right combination of air suspension hardware and a good installer with fabrication experience it is now possible to modify your current suspension to do just about anything you would like.

NOTE: Body drops are also a good option when trying to maximize your dropped air ride stance. Keep in mind, that these types of drops just about always require some major body and frame modifications to allow the body to sit lower on the frame and would require the work of a fabrication shop that is firmiliar with this type of lowering modification.


Categories: Suspension

There are limitations to any and all parts on your vehicle, custom aftermarket and factory. Knowing these limitations can keep your parts and overall custom vehicles health top notch! To get to know how a custom air strut works you need to know how a shock works as a strut is simply a shock with a means to support the vehicle attached (coil spring) making it a complete assembly. Below you will find a picture of said strut assembly to get an idea of how this part works.

Air Struts, Custom Air Struts, Exploded View of Struts
Internal Shocks / Struts Assembly and understanding the internal damage that can occur from over extending and collapsing your air struts.

If you take a look at the illustration above you will see the issue with over inflating/extending and under inflating/collapsing a custom air strut assembly. The main issue lies within the internal structure of the shock portion of the strut assembly. Excessively pushing a strut in either direction while the vehicle is at rest is fine, though while driving this situation can cause serious damage to the internal seals and piston within the assembly that is normally not visible. As you can see from the diagram above, if the strut mounted air bag is extended to the max and then the weight of the vehicle traveling hits inconsistencies on the road a hammering effect in the upper portions of the strut can bee seen. The strut/shock piston will slam against the upper strut body cap and can possibly create metal debris and other damage to occur within this sealed area hindering your inoperable and putting a major amount of excessive wear on internal components. It is essential with air struts to keep them approximately 1-2 inches below max, and 1-2 inches above collapsed while driving to avoid any of this damage from occurring with your new air ride hardware. This situation does not apply to air springs with no shock attached or standalone air bags with separate shocks.