Seat Belts

Classic Car & Truck Seat Belts – Hot Rod Replacement Seat Belts
Our Classic Car & Truck or Hot Rod Seat Belts will not just add a touch of style to your interior but will extremely increase overall safety and keep your good looking ride legal. With many styles and colors to choose from you should have no trouble finding that perfect set to add that original touch of new vintage style back to your interior. Restore your classic right, with custom colored seat belts that will look great in your aftermarket hot rod!
We offer 2-Point Seat Belts which are built with two attachment points, and only restrain your lap section. 3-Point Belts offer a restraint on both your lap and shoulder, which are the more conventional configuration for latter model vehicles and many early model classics can be retrofitted to use this safer setup. And don’t forget all the mounting hardware to tie everything together with quality built components!
Don’t skimp on your safety, be sure to pickup a new set of seat belts today to replace your old, dry, worn out belts and bring back that secure feeling when you cruse.