Lift Suspension

Lift Suspension Parts
Get your project off the ground right! Lift Coils, Lift Blocks, I-Beams, Lifted Hangers, Arched Leaf Springs, Shackles and MORE for your truck, or SUV. Whether you are setting up a project for show or some serious competitive off road use X2 Industries can help!
Some of the suspension components on the market will change the geometry of your front wheel. For alignment purposes be sure to pick up chassis components that will work together, and still keep your wheels in formation.
Spindles do not change the geometry of your wheel at all. Drop coils change the placement of the control arms therefor changing the caster and camber of your wheels. Some lower control arms will also modify the geometry of your front wheel. Getting the upper control arms in combination with the lowers is a great idea to bring the adjustment of your wheel back into factory specifications.