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Ford is one of the largest automotive manufacturers around the world. Ford Motor Company, also most commonly known as Ford, is basically an American automaker headquartered in Michigan State. They are offering their vehicles, including cars, SUVs, and Trucks, for a wide range of markets out there.

Ford vehicles are known for their durability, and you will be able to see them on roads almost everywhere in the world. These vehicles are the perfect choice for your daily drive to work or for leisure rides as Ford performs great under stress conditions, and these vehicles are made to exceed your expectations in all manners.

While we are at it, ford has a pretty great suspension that promises a perfect combination of performance, comfort, stability, and security. You won’t need to think about an upgrade most of the time if you are looking to have peace of mind and comfortable driving experience. However, for those who want to push their limits and want something extra, Air suspension will be a good option for their Ford vehicles.

What is Air Suspension?

Air Suspension is a state-of-the-art technology that allows you to have the added comfort, stability, and a lot more control over your car’s height. This helps you get the car tuned and optimized to your personal preference and driving style. The best thing that you get with Air Suspension is that you have control over the height of your vehicle.

You will not have to change any parts or dismantle the suspension to adjust the height of the vehicle from the ground, but you can manage it with the push of a button while you are sitting inside a car or a truck.

How Does it Work?

As wondrous as it may sound, there are still confusions among the end-user as to how this is possible for someone to adjust the height of their vehicle while they are sitting inside with some switch controls and buttons only. It is pretty simple if you take a deeper look at the mechanism of Air suspension, and here is what you need to know about it.

An air suspension is a combination of different parts that you might have to install in your vehicle, or they also come pre-installed in some of the Ford trucks. The system compresses the air inside your shock absorbers that are non-hydraulic in this case. Since the air can be compressed according to your choice or the road conditions, you will not be feeling any sort of jerks inside the car.

How Is It Different Than A Hydraulic Suspension?

We already know that Hydraulic suspension mainly consists of several rubber parts to absorb the road bumps. There are certain oils used inside the hydraulic suspension that take the load and for you. This means you have a limited capacity that depends on the ability of oil you are using inside your chambers of shock absorbers to take the load or any sort of bumps.

The hydraulic suspension also requires a high amount of maintenance as most of the parts are wearable. So, if you are looking for something that is a level beyond and has low maintenance requirements, Air suspension would be the perfect choice for you.

Ford Air Suspension

Now Ford is the name that comes to your mind first thing if you think of an American Vehicle. They have been in business for almost 2 decades and have a significant impact on the Vehicle manufacturer Industry. Ford has revolutionized the game for Trucks and SUV segments in the market, and their vehicles are something that you can rely on. No matter if you are looking for a daily runner for your work ride, or you want to go off-roading adventures, Ford has something down their production line to make your experience better.

With that being said, Ford has stepped into the world of Air Suspension as well, and you can see some of their latest trucks are being equipped with this high-end technology. This allows a sense of comfort, advancement, and safety to the user’s end. To break it down for cars and SUVs and what benefits you can take from a Ford air suspension, here is a brief account that will help you understand it better.

 Ford Car and Truck Suspension

Ford is a legendary manufacturer for luxury sedans, routinely used budget cars and Trucks. They are highly popular, and one of the main reasons for them to have that popularity among users is their suspension system. A suspension is a major component that links your vehicle body or chassis of the vehicle to its tyers.

The suspension is the last thing that you want to compromise on in a vehicle as it does not only ensure stability and driving comfort but also adds to the security of the vehicle and its passengers as well. To understand how Air Suspension for Ford can change your driving experience for both trucks and cars here is how.

Ford Air Suspension for Cars

Ford Cars are a name of trust and durability. You might be seeing Ford cars out there in lots of suburban and urban driving atmospheres. The main thing that you want from your car is to be stable enough to not get anybody’s rolls, be able to take any bumps easily, and still have the right comfort.

If you choose to go with an air suspension system for your ford car, you will not be adding the extra comfort and stability to your drive but a lot more. To start with, you will have a maintenance-free suspension system that is durable, and you can trust it.

In addition to all the comfort and stability, you can lower your car according to your choice for any highway runs, and that will significantly increase your driving performance and pleasure. You can adjust the height according to the load on your vehicle, the road you are driving on, and a lot more.

Ford Air Suspension for Trucks

Trucks have a strong market in the North American Region. We can see a wide range of trucks on the roads as they serve the dual purpose. A truck can handle all the loads for you with passengers and luggage. You can use the trucks for towing any trailers for your camping trips. Ford trucks have sent some benchmarks for the industry in terms of power that are hard to beat.

Not only that, but you also get additional comfort, stability, and features on Ford Trucks that will help you out with any sort of off-roading adventures that you might be up for.

Although, you might not be able to make much of your experience without an air suspension on your Ford Truck. The bottom line is that while it might be optional for a car to get the air suspension, it is a mandatory thing for you to get your Ford Truck equipped with Air Suspension to enhance your driving experience, safety, pleasure, and utility.

Custom Aftermarket Suspension for Ford

While this might seem strange to you, but you don’t get an Air suspension system on all the Ford models. There are certain factors involved behind the reason, such as cost, efficiency, and a lot more that leaves you with no choice but to go with some aftermarket custom air suspension for your Ford car or truck.

There are lots of things that you must consider while choosing the right custom aftermarket air suspension as a wrong decision will not only cost you lots of bucks, but it can also endanger the safety of yourself and other people on the road.

Things to Consider

A few things that you must consider while you are searching for an aftermarket air suspension for the Ford car or truck that you want to upgrade are:

  • Quality: The quality of the manufacturer that you are going for is something that is unquestionably the most important part. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars and end up crashing your suspension system within a few weeks.
  • Safety: You will also need to make sure that the suspension system that you are getting for your vehicle has the right security testing certifications and will not break under stress. The suspension is one of the prime factors that can cause accidents as it is directly linked to vehicle stability and control.
  • Installation process: You should never go with a system that has more wearable parts or is complex to install. You might be okay with a one-time complex installation, but anytime you face any issues in the future, you will have to spend long hours with your suspension disassembling and assembling time, and that is not a good thing indeed.

Since you are now clear on what it does take for an air suspension to be a perfect fit for you, and if you need one on your Ford car or truck. FBSS Air Suspension for Fords should be the perfect choice for you to consider for a variety of reasons.  

FBSS Air Suspension for Fords

FBSS is the first thing that you should consider for an excellent Ford Air Suspension choice for your vehicle. The advantages you get with using the FBSS Air suspension cannot be explained briefly, but to sum it up in a few words, the whole FBSS Air Suspension System for Fords is the only thing that you can get that is designed keeping the Ford cars and trucks in mind.

The FBSS Air Suspension system matches perfectly with the curb weight, handling, maneuvering, and other basic features on the Ford vehicles. This way, you are going to have the feel of an OEM air suspension system with the aftermarket one, and that is unmatchable out there. The FBSS Air Suspension parts can be divided into three types for an easy understanding for you. A few components that you must know while getting your FBSS Air Suspension Installed are.

Ford Air Bag Kits and Air Component

Since the main thing that controls the height, bumps, and any other weight of your vehicle is the air components on this suspension system, you must know what parts are included. FBSS has a complete range of parts and components, including Air Compressors, Air Valves, Airbag Control System, Air Struts, Airbags, and Air tanks.

The best thingis that you get a lifetime warranty on the airbags that will not only ensure that your investment is safe but also mean a great deal added to security and safety as well. All these components are highly durable and super easy to be installed.

Control Module

You are also going to need the right control module to control the Air compression, the flow of air, and temperature. The best thing is that you get to have the right control module from FBSS that is designed to work perfectly with their complete suspension setup.

The control module includes Switch Controls and 4 Air gauges for each Airbag. This way, you will not only be able to monitor the air levels and temperature but also be able to control them effectively. Individual control allows you to manage each airbag separately, and that is a great thing to have for off-roading.


Fittings play the most important role in your suspension. Since you already know that suspension connects the body of your vehicle to the tires and ultimately ground. The right fittings ensure that everything is in place perfectly.

With FBSS Air Suspension for Fords, you get Rear Link Kit, Rear Bag Kit, Front Link Kit, and Front Bag Kit as well. These are all designed according to the bolt-on fitting mechanism for Ford cars and trucks.


FBSS Air Suspension for Ford is perfectly reliable, easy to install, and an impeccable choice for your Ford cars and trucks. You get to have the complete system allowing you the right edge of having the perfect synchronization with the parts and installation process. They are also offering an extended warranty so it would be a worthy investment.


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Air Suspension systems are an advanced quick, and precision-based technology that offers highly sophisticated pneumatical, mechanical and electronic control systems for enhancing the height and ride quality in just about any passenger or commercial vehicle.

An Air Suspension system consists of several parts that include airbags which replace the factory coil springs in the vehicles original mounting location. Bags utilize inflation to provide lift, drop and maintain certain pressures during or while driving. This pressure comes from a system of compressors and tank which maintain a pre-set pressure in the air tank. The air tank then feeds air to the air manifold or valves. The role of these valves is to direct air in and out of your air springs. 

Airlines are routed between all components usually running along the frame of the vehicle and ultimately ending at the bag. Our premium DOT approved dual walled nylon reinforced lines have a composition of rubber or polyurethane and can be connected directly to the tanks, valves and bags or adapted to custom steel lines that have a cleaner look with the rugged overall construction.

And a remote control or a smartphone app that empowers the user to manage the front and rear ride heights as per their comfort. Traditionally the more air pumped into the air bags the stiffer the ride quality, the less air pressure will offer a smoother ride.

Here are the pros and cons of Aftermarket Air Suspension Systems.


Comfortable ride and ride height adjustment are two of the essential benefits of using an Air Suspension system. With most vehicle applications you will enjoy a smoother ride and have the ability to adjust this ride quality as needed. You can increase the height to add a firm feel or lower the height and pressure to get a super comfortable and floating like comfort level.

This height adjustability allows you to maneuver steep inclines, speedbumps or any other obstacles you may encounter while on the road.

The other very important aspect of air suspension is it’s load baring capabilities. In almost all vehicles the overall axle capacities are increased by at least 50% and are able to retain the height keeping you level and safe on the road. Some of the larger air systems for the F350 / 450 are capable of 20k lbs of load over the axle.


In the earlier days, air suspension systems were quite complex and rigid. But with advanced technology and precision-based development has made the whole process optimized to provide more performance with an air suspension system.

Invasive Installation process: Your vehicle may need a more complex installation process. Cutting, drilling and welding can be required to install these systems on some cars, trucks and SUV’s. Many of the later model vehicle air suspension kits are packed with bolt-on hardware to make installation factory fit non-abrasive. 

Cost can also be one of the main disadvantages of custom aftermarket air ride. Depending on the vehicle and the system you are looking for the price tag can range dramatically. We have done our very best to keep costs extremely competitive for the customer that does not mind getting there hands a bit dirty.

Welding up a HD parallel link kit on an F150

 Modern air suspension kits are highly sophisticated and offer impeccable performance to match you with the right comfort and performance level your looking for. At X2 Industries, we are one of the leading organizations for aftermarket Air Suspension products and and complete systems. We have top aftermarket experts happy to help you everyday. Have questions please don’t hesitate to let us know!


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There are limitations to any and all parts on your vehicle, custom aftermarket and factory. Knowing these limitations can keep your parts and overall custom vehicles health top notch! To get to know how a custom air strut works you need to know how a shock works as a strut is simply a shock with a means to support the vehicle attached (coil spring) making it a complete assembly. Below you will find a picture of said strut assembly to get an idea of how this part works.

Air Struts, Custom Air Struts, Exploded View of Struts
Internal Shocks / Struts Assembly and understanding the internal damage that can occur from over extending and collapsing your air struts.

If you take a look at the illustration above you will see the issue with over inflating/extending and under inflating/collapsing a custom air strut assembly. The main issue lies within the internal structure of the shock portion of the strut assembly. Excessively pushing a strut in either direction while the vehicle is at rest is fine, though while driving this situation can cause serious damage to the internal seals and piston within the assembly that is normally not visible. As you can see from the diagram above, if the strut mounted air bag is extended to the max and then the weight of the vehicle traveling hits inconsistencies on the road a hammering effect in the upper portions of the strut can bee seen. The strut/shock piston will slam against the upper strut body cap and can possibly create metal debris and other damage to occur within this sealed area hindering your inoperable and putting a major amount of excessive wear on internal components. It is essential with air struts to keep them approximately 1-2 inches below max, and 1-2 inches above collapsed while driving to avoid any of this damage from occurring with your new air ride hardware. This situation does not apply to air springs with no shock attached or standalone air bags with separate shocks.


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Complete Air Ride Suspension Systems, Parts, Switches, Valves, Compressors and Accessories
Air Ride Suspension Kits, and Parts Information and Education.

Many of our customers have asked how there particular vehicles air ride system would work, and what is involved to get it installed and if we offer systems that are completely bolt on… Well this is our attempt to try and answer some of these questions and provide our customers a better understanding of what is involved with these systems.

Unfortunately not every vehicle is the same, so the approach to installation needs to be considered based on the type of chassis we are dealing with.

To start we need to understand the suspension components in the front and the rear. The best way to do this is to check behind the wheels in the front and the rear. Some of the standard chassis components you will find are Leaf Springs, Coil Springs, Struts, or possibly Torsion Bars. No matter what you have we can accommodate a system for you by engineering hardware to either replace your current suspension component or in the case of torsion bars remove the tension of the bar with slammer torsion keys and add an assembly to then support the vehicle relying completely on air. This torsion assembly will also retain your AWD by utilizing the equipment above your drive train. Coil spring suspension and conversion is also fairly straight forward and in most cases is a simple removal of your coils and a upper and lower coil spring cup is installed. To elaborate this cup is built to slide into your old OEM coil mounting location and adapt to your Air Bag, quite basic. Another suspension component which can be found in most newer cars and trucks today and combines a coil spring with a shock is called a strut. These struts are built to be one assembly and are in most cases bolt in with little to no modifying required. We offer struts that will take the place of your old strut by compressing the coil spring and removing the shock body and coil, leaving the upper strut retaining plate intact. Once removed our air strut will retrofit using the hardware from your old strut to get you on air quickly and efficiently. Many trucks will require removing your leaf springs and retrofitting a new 4-link assembly in its place. 4-links take the place of your leaf springs by allowing up and down travel out of your axle without the suspension, so basically it will offer a free up and down movement axle keeping everything lined up so that the air bags which mount off of your frame and saddle over your axle can take over as the new suspension for the front or rear of your truck.

Thought these components utilize the same concept many of them will almost surely look different depending on the vehicle they will be installed in.

Next we will discuss the Air Management hardware and components required to get your vehicle equip with the air supply needed to lift and lower your newly installed air suspension. This equipment will range in cost depending on the how much power you would like with your final installation. The basic hardware required for this air ride management equipment includes a compressor, tank (air pressure storage), manual or electronic pneumatic air valves, check valve, pressure switch, switches (for adjusting the air in and out of your suspension/bags), relays, circuit breaker and of course don’t forget airline and fittings. All of this equipment is used in conjunction with each other to provide a system of events that will fill and dump air from the air bags. We will discuss some of the more prevalent hardware needed and that customers usually have questions about. Some folks may choose to utilize two compressors or possibly a larger tank to allow longer play time without the compressor triggering on and off more. It is always a good idea to consider compressor output when choosing the size of your tank. Of course the larger the tank the more air stored, but remember the compressor is your lifeline to compressing the air and if it becomes overworked due to an over-sized tank you may be doing more harm then good. Another aspect of the management system are the valves. These are very important parts to your air ride system and control the flow of air to and from your air spring/bag. There are many styles of valves, some of which are separate and you installation may require 8 independent valves, where other equipment is a block that houses 4 – 3 way valves which function differently but ultimately offer the same outcome. Last but not least the switches, or a control unit. Switches are the most basic way to control your air ride suspension system and in most cases allow up and down control for each corner of your vehicle. Some switch control boxes allow for multi-function ability like 3-wheel motion, front, back, or side to side and more. Or if you are less into manual push button control and would like something to take care of that for you, then consider upgrading or purchasing a computer controlled digital air ride controller. These digital modules come with pressure sensors, or in some cases height senders for a more accurate ride adjustment and will allow you to preset ride heights for a quick one button adjustment, which is very convenient.

For your air ride suspension kits and parts be sure to check out our aftermarket air ride suspension section here: https://www.x2industries.com/aftermarket-air-suspension-c-76.html

For additional information and explanation as to how air ride suspension works please check out our AIR RIDE GUIDE at the link below:

Air Suspension Guide