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A Tow package in the most basic terms is a complete system of pneumatic components that allow your truck to increase its payload capacity. It also allows for a safer ride while towing extremely heavy loads. Tow packages are often customized depending on the customers requirements as well as the vehicle they will be installed onto. Truck Tow Kits can easily enhance the vehicles overall performance and are considered as an upgrade for increasing your overall towing capabilities.
Most of the tow kits on the market are reverse engineered for easy installation using OEM Specifications. They also enhance the total axle capacity by hundreds if not thousands of additional pounds of towing capability. These systems ensure you never have to deal with an uneven unsafe ride as you tow your trailer across town or on an extended holiday.

Load leveling helper kits also known as Air ride tow kits adds more reliability in terms of payload capacity as well as leveling the truck for a seamless ride while on the highway. All Air helper kits are packed with a manual fit kit that allow you to fill your tow kit with a stand alone air compressor. Air management systems can be integrated with the kit to offer cab controls for the ultimate convenience factor. These load assist airbag systems are built for many different applications including SUVs, pickup trucks, cars, campers, cab and chassis trucks and more! You can connect with an X2 Industries expert to get a customized tow kit for your truck exactly the way you want it.

Increase Load Capacity and Increase Safety while on the road!

Several aspects of the vehicle including the frame, engine, suspension, transmission, and cooling system must be ready for handling towing. Each part of the tow package must add to the overall towing capabilities for the complete vehicle setup. Towing packages may include different parts depending on the application as well as the total added capacity the kit is providing. There are so many other components that are needed when it comes to being safe and offering a great tow kit on your truck. Once of which is a hitch which seamlessly connects to your vehicle frame and accepts the receiver for mounting your ball.
The hitch in its raw is a heavy-duty square tube that spans your frame section and mounts into place usually under your frame. There are also tow hooks, and a female receiver connection for a complete hitch setup. Towing packages with helper air ride kits as well as hitch kits are a fundamental part of traveling with a trailer, boat or any other toys you decide to take cross country. Don’t forget to wire up lighting for things like the turn signal, brake lights, reverse lights, and license plate lights to ensure the trailer is ready for the road.

When you get to the point of deciding what you will be towing and how heavy it is you will then have a better understanding of what may need to be upgraded on your truck. In extreme cases adding more power and performance in addition to the suspension upgrades can deliver a much more reliable outcome. Suspension on the rear end also adds more control on setting the horizontal towing level. Brake upgrades are another significant part of building truck that will have the ability of 10000lb loads. At X2 Industries tow kits are second nature to our huge line of aftermarket air suspension parts and complete systems. We are one of the top distributors offering comprehensive solutions for custom suspension parts, lighting, interior, and exterior custom products to enhance the looks, and performance of your vehicles. We have a reputation for bringing the best solution to the table, giving you an honest no bs explanation of the quality, capabilities and specifications of all our products. For more information or to find support for an existing product, please connect with one of our knowledgeable techs to help you right away!


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Complete Air Ride Suspension Systems, Parts, Switches, Valves, Compressors and Accessories
Air Ride Suspension Kits, and Parts Information and Education.

Many of our customers have asked how there particular vehicles air ride system would work, and what is involved to get it installed and if we offer systems that are completely bolt on… Well this is our attempt to try and answer some of these questions and provide our customers a better understanding of what is involved with these systems.

Unfortunately not every vehicle is the same, so the approach to installation needs to be considered based on the type of chassis we are dealing with.

To start we need to understand the suspension components in the front and the rear. The best way to do this is to check behind the wheels in the front and the rear. Some of the standard chassis components you will find are Leaf Springs, Coil Springs, Struts, or possibly Torsion Bars. No matter what you have we can accommodate a system for you by engineering hardware to either replace your current suspension component or in the case of torsion bars remove the tension of the bar with slammer torsion keys and add an assembly to then support the vehicle relying completely on air. This torsion assembly will also retain your AWD by utilizing the equipment above your drive train. Coil spring suspension and conversion is also fairly straight forward and in most cases is a simple removal of your coils and a upper and lower coil spring cup is installed. To elaborate this cup is built to slide into your old OEM coil mounting location and adapt to your Air Bag, quite basic. Another suspension component which can be found in most newer cars and trucks today and combines a coil spring with a shock is called a strut. These struts are built to be one assembly and are in most cases bolt in with little to no modifying required. We offer struts that will take the place of your old strut by compressing the coil spring and removing the shock body and coil, leaving the upper strut retaining plate intact. Once removed our air strut will retrofit using the hardware from your old strut to get you on air quickly and efficiently. Many trucks will require removing your leaf springs and retrofitting a new 4-link assembly in its place. 4-links take the place of your leaf springs by allowing up and down travel out of your axle without the suspension, so basically it will offer a free up and down movement axle keeping everything lined up so that the air bags which mount off of your frame and saddle over your axle can take over as the new suspension for the front or rear of your truck.

Thought these components utilize the same concept many of them will almost surely look different depending on the vehicle they will be installed in.

Next we will discuss the Air Management hardware and components required to get your vehicle equip with the air supply needed to lift and lower your newly installed air suspension. This equipment will range in cost depending on the how much power you would like with your final installation. The basic hardware required for this air ride management equipment includes a compressor, tank (air pressure storage), manual or electronic pneumatic air valves, check valve, pressure switch, switches (for adjusting the air in and out of your suspension/bags), relays, circuit breaker and of course don’t forget airline and fittings. All of this equipment is used in conjunction with each other to provide a system of events that will fill and dump air from the air bags. We will discuss some of the more prevalent hardware needed and that customers usually have questions about. Some folks may choose to utilize two compressors or possibly a larger tank to allow longer play time without the compressor triggering on and off more. It is always a good idea to consider compressor output when choosing the size of your tank. Of course the larger the tank the more air stored, but remember the compressor is your lifeline to compressing the air and if it becomes overworked due to an over-sized tank you may be doing more harm then good. Another aspect of the management system are the valves. These are very important parts to your air ride system and control the flow of air to and from your air spring/bag. There are many styles of valves, some of which are separate and you installation may require 8 independent valves, where other equipment is a block that houses 4 – 3 way valves which function differently but ultimately offer the same outcome. Last but not least the switches, or a control unit. Switches are the most basic way to control your air ride suspension system and in most cases allow up and down control for each corner of your vehicle. Some switch control boxes allow for multi-function ability like 3-wheel motion, front, back, or side to side and more. Or if you are less into manual push button control and would like something to take care of that for you, then consider upgrading or purchasing a computer controlled digital air ride controller. These digital modules come with pressure sensors, or in some cases height senders for a more accurate ride adjustment and will allow you to preset ride heights for a quick one button adjustment, which is very convenient.

For your air ride suspension kits and parts be sure to check out our aftermarket air ride suspension section here: https://www.x2industries.com/aftermarket-air-suspension-c-76.html

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