Month: April 2014

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Body shops will love the larger selection we have for replacement body panels, specifically our hoods, hood scoops and roll-pans! It is proactive to have a reliable source for aftermarket truck and car parts when your a body shop, and to do this it is almost necessary to have this supplier in your speed dial whenever one of your customers presents a custom vehicle. Many collision shops will run across the non-factory applications at least a few times a month and this can put a damper on the turn around of your job if the source for these parts are not readily available. Taking the time to find said outside source can be a drain on your pocket book and ultimately turn a happy customer into an unhappy customer fairly quickly when the job ends up taking longer then it should. This is where X2 Industries comes in, our friendly staff can quickly and efficiently access thousands of aftermarket car and truck parts within our online inventory, and better yet if we do not have the specific part we will go out of our way to find it and effectively inventory it and then ship it out to our customer in the quickest manner possible saving you a huge amount of time and headache.


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Air Ride Suspension can be a very diverse and expandable system to add to your vehicle, whether you are looking to customize your car, truck or SUV for show or simply need a more accessible way of accessing your vehicle an Air Ride System may be the answer for you. When deciding your air ride kit one of the most important aspects of this unique combination of components is the “Air Management” hardware. X2 Industries provides just about any piece of hardware you will need when assembling your Air Supply piece by piece, or if you want something ready to go, we have that too!

Depending on what your goals are with your newly installed air ride system in your vehicle, there may be some factors to consider in regards to the Air Ride Management hardware you go with. If the past many customer would simply go with the lowest cost option to get up and running which in some cases can work out great for the customer on a budget or simply only needs less air to lift and lower the vehicle a minimal amount of times during a trip, and that is where our “Standard Air Ride Suspension Kits” come in. These systems include all the necessary equipment at the wheels with a smaller air supply to accommodate cost and in many cases will be perfect for that customer that wants to get up and running on air. If you are just using this system for accessibility then upgrading at a later time will not be required as the combination of a 3 gallon tank and a 1/3 hp – 12 volt – 100% duty cycle compressor should be more then enough power and a great match for your needs. Although if it is a budget concern at the moment and you are leaning toward a custom application then going with this system for the time being will definitely do the trick. We also offer upgrades for the standard systems “Air Management Hardware” to include a larger 3/4 hp compressor, or even larger 5 / 9 gallon tanks to add even more air and further the pay time of your custom car, truck or SUV. The bottom line is that a higher output compressor and a larger tank will give you additional play time with your suspension and are the ultimate factors which will accommodate your specific needs when it comes to the hardware you are looking for. X2 also offers a complete line of “Plug and Play Air Ride Systems” which are basically the same kit as our “Standard Air Ride” but in a pre-built state when shipped to allow a quicker installation time. To make this easier on our customer we assemble these systems inside of a 12 x 12 x 7 steel enclosure to allow a simple two wire connection and 6 air connections (2 tank and 4 to the bags). They also automatically include a larger 3/4 hp compressor for those of our customers looking for higher air output in there Air Management.

Be sure to know all of your options when your ready to buy!

Click the link below to get familiar with our Standard Air Ride Systems and the included Air Management hardware:

Click the link below to get familiar with our Standard Air Ride Systems and the included Air Management hardware:

Or check out our upgrade options for both of the kits to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for:



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There are many parts associated with lowering and lifting flip kits and relocating your axle to the upper portion of your leaf spring. X2 Industries carries a wide variety of axle flip kits for many popular years, makes and models of trucks to make your lowering project quick and easy. When we say kit we mean it is 100% complete, so that you can get the job done without any hassle.

To understand how these kits work we will first take a look at each of the parts included within the kit.

The first part we look at is the C-Notch or some people call it a Frame Notch. This simple yet extremely necessary part allows your axle to travel further into the fame of the truck or SUV without sacrificing stability and strength. This notch requires the installer to trim a section of the frame out for the extra travel and then reinforces this area with a strong custom fabricated bracket which installs in the trimmed area to ensure your frames integrity is not compromised by this opening. Below are some pictures of these frame notches.

Standard C-Notch Pictures - Installed Examples
Examples of Notch Installation and Pictures of Standard Notch


Next we will discuss the leaf spring mount which is referred to as the perch. This piece of hardware is used to stabilize your axle and support an alternate position to mount your axle to the leaf spring assembly. This part actually creates the platform for your axle flip. Please refer to the diagram below which will give you a better idea as to how this works. (NOTE: This spring perch hardware in most cases will need trimmed to fit your axle and correct your axle pinion angle. Be sure to measure this out carefully and only trim if you are absolutely confident in the fitment, as if you trim this too far then there will be axle twist and play which will be felt during acceleration and deceleration.)

Flip Kit Installation Made Easy, How to Trim Spring Perch Tabs.

Installing the perch for the flip kit requires trimming the tabs that hold the axle in place with the factory perch to ensure correct pinion angle and a sturdy installation.

Once all parts have been measured, trimmed and ready for installation use the illustration above to assemble your new flip kit hardware together and tighten everything down using the larger u-bolt hardware that will be included with your kit. NOTE: In some cases our flip kits will include lowering shackles with your kit to ensure the specified drop for your specific application. Installation of these drop shackles are fairly quick and are simply the reverse of the removal of your current OEM shackles.


If you have any questions, please give us a call at: 1-800-823-0320

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There are many custom aftermarket parts and accessories that will add just that touch of style to your vehicle which will make it yours! Billet Aluminum Steering Wheels are no exception. Our custom built to order fully aluminum steering wheels are professionally CNC machined then prepped and polished to an amazing smoothness and shine. There are many unique styles of wheels to choose from we surely have one that will suite your needs and style. One of the best features to these custom billet aluminum steering wheels is the fact that they use a standard 6 hole mounting layout so a grant steering wheel adapter can be used. If you are looking for an adapter to create a complete installation then look no further as we also offer a general 6 hole to grant 3 hole, 1 inch adapter plate to wrap everything up in a convenient and cost effective way. Check out our full line of aftermarket classic car and truck full billet steering wheels today!

Aluminum Steering Wheels, Custom Billet Steering Wheels
Fully Aluminum Custom Built Steering Wheels Polished to a lustrous Shine.