Body shops will love the larger selection we have for replacement body panels, specifically our hoods, hood scoops and roll-pans! It is proactive to have a reliable source for aftermarket truck and car parts when your a body shop, and to do this it is almost necessary to have this supplier in your speed dial whenever one of your customers presents a custom vehicle. Many collision shops will run across the non-factory applications at least a few times a month and this can put a damper on the turn around of your job if the source for these parts are not readily available. Taking the time to find said outside source can be a drain on your pocket book and ultimately turn a happy customer into an unhappy customer fairly quickly when the job ends up taking longer then it should. This is where X2 Industries comes in, our friendly staff can quickly and efficiently access thousands of aftermarket car and truck parts within our online inventory, and better yet if we do not have the specific part we will go out of our way to find it and effectively inventory it and then ship it out to our customer in the quickest manner possible saving you a huge amount of time and headache.