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In this post we will elaborate on the differences between our air system models. There are two basic systems for each vehicle that X2 Industries provides air bag kits for, they are the Standard Air Ride System and Plug and Play Air Ride System.
The Standard Air Ride System is the more basic of the two. Keep in mind that both of these systems are fully built and complete to provide our customers with a more streamline install.
Our standard air ride suspension systems offer an independent corner control system to allow a dynamic front, back, right, left and independent corner control over the vehicle. Each vehicle requires different hardware and depending on the application this said hardware will be included for the chassis at each wheel, on top of this the system will include a basic 4 switch panel controller with built in 4 corner gauge display. Eight heavy duty brass independent air valves are included for the fill and dump at each wheel, as well as a fitting kit and 3/8 inch air line to plumb the air to each air bag in the system from the air management system. The major difference which separates each of these systems (standard kit and plug and play kit) is the air management hardware. The standard kit accommodates the installation with each piece necessary for a complete on board air supply including a single 1/3 hp 480c air compressor, three gallon tank, pressure switches, relay, wiring, and other hardware all separate to get the system up and running. This separate hardware can create a more timely installation compared to the valving hardware included in the plug and play system. The plug and play kit includes similar hardware at the wheels, once again specific to your application but includes an easier to install air engine assembly which can take you much less time to install. You will also find that this air management system houses dual 480c air compressors. The solid all in one air engine which takes the place of the 8 independent brass air valves as seen in the standard kit is key to the Plug and Plays quicker installation time. This can usually spare about 3-4 hours worth of installation time when it comes to the custom air suspensions air supply (air management hardware).  This system also includes an upgraded handheld avs style switch controller for convenience. To get a clear picture of this you can take a look at the illustration below which lays out the hardware differences between the two air bag systems.

Standard or Plug and Play Air Ride Systems Informaiton
Getting to know the difference between our Standard Air Ride Kit or Plug and Play Air Ride Kit.

As always keep in mind that though we work very hard to make these systems as easy as possible to install while keeping our systems the most affordable on the net, there will always be work when it comes to installation, and every vehicle application is different and will require different installation techniques to get the job done right. Remember that we are here to help and assist with any questions you may have on the installation process of your custom air ride suspension installation.

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Air Ride Suspension can be a very diverse and expandable system to add to your vehicle, whether you are looking to customize your car, truck or SUV for show or simply need a more accessible way of accessing your vehicle an Air Ride System may be the answer for you. When deciding your air ride kit one of the most important aspects of this unique combination of components is the “Air Management” hardware. X2 Industries provides just about any piece of hardware you will need when assembling your Air Supply piece by piece, or if you want something ready to go, we have that too!

Depending on what your goals are with your newly installed air ride system in your vehicle, there may be some factors to consider in regards to the Air Ride Management hardware you go with. If the past many customer would simply go with the lowest cost option to get up and running which in some cases can work out great for the customer on a budget or simply only needs less air to lift and lower the vehicle a minimal amount of times during a trip, and that is where our “Standard Air Ride Suspension Kits” come in. These systems include all the necessary equipment at the wheels with a smaller air supply to accommodate cost and in many cases will be perfect for that customer that wants to get up and running on air. If you are just using this system for accessibility then upgrading at a later time will not be required as the combination of a 3 gallon tank and a 1/3 hp – 12 volt – 100% duty cycle compressor should be more then enough power and a great match for your needs. Although if it is a budget concern at the moment and you are leaning toward a custom application then going with this system for the time being will definitely do the trick. We also offer upgrades for the standard systems “Air Management Hardware” to include a larger 3/4 hp compressor, or even larger 5 / 9 gallon tanks to add even more air and further the pay time of your custom car, truck or SUV. The bottom line is that a higher output compressor and a larger tank will give you additional play time with your suspension and are the ultimate factors which will accommodate your specific needs when it comes to the hardware you are looking for. X2 also offers a complete line of “Plug and Play Air Ride Systems” which are basically the same kit as our “Standard Air Ride” but in a pre-built state when shipped to allow a quicker installation time. To make this easier on our customer we assemble these systems inside of a 12 x 12 x 7 steel enclosure to allow a simple two wire connection and 6 air connections (2 tank and 4 to the bags). They also automatically include a larger 3/4 hp compressor for those of our customers looking for higher air output in there Air Management.

Be sure to know all of your options when your ready to buy!

Click the link below to get familiar with our Standard Air Ride Systems and the included Air Management hardware:


Click the link below to get familiar with our Standard Air Ride Systems and the included Air Management hardware:


Or check out our upgrade options for both of the kits to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for: