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There are many different types of air valves that are used when purchasing a air ride suspension system for your vehicle. One of the more popular type are the solid single brass style air valves witch use a very simple and traditional design to function. This design includes a coil, plunger, spring, diaphragm and housing. This extremely simple design makes them a very popular air valve to use as they are easy to install, fix and diagnose if there does become a problem with one of them. These pneumatic brass air valve units work by you sending a 12 volt charge through a manual push button switch or even remote module to a coil which in turn pulls a plunger which opens the flow of air to the destination which otherwise would be closed off by a coil style spring that is indie this assembly. Below you will find a complete breakdown the this series of parts, and should help you understand the way these basic pieces function to create an open and closed situation with the air flow in your air suspension system.

Standard Air Valve Assembly - Exploded
Exploded view of a standard single brass air valve assembly.


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Shaved door popper kits are a sweet way to open your door with shaved door handles. A matter of fact the only other way to open your door would be with a manual pull cable or to simply open your window and use the interior door handle to open your door. The style of a smooth door, and shaving exterior door handles is a custom addition that we aftermarket enthusiasts have been doing with early and late model vehicles for many years. Popper kits allow an additional point of entry when you have no door handles on the exterior but adding a popper which is located in the door jam and it functions by pushing the door open for entry. On top of opening the door for access, other components of this system includes, brackets, pull cables, relays, solenoids and usually a remote module. These parts all work together to remotely activate a relay which in turn sends direct power to a solenoid inside the door that then is connected to a cable and pulls the existing door handle mechanism so ultimately the door can be popped open some by the popper plunger inside the door jam. There are two main components for which need to be considered before purchasing, and they are the solenoid and popper. Solenoids come in many strengths and sizes and need to be strong enough to get a good pull on the internal door handle mechanism. Some vehicles depending on the year and amount of wear and tear on the handle assembly may need some oil, grease or both to loosen up this handle mechanism before installing one of these kits. If the solenoid can not pull this part of your door handle then access to the vehicle may be impossible. Solenoids come in many styles and ranges from smaller less powerful 10lb pull types all the way up to 90lbs worth of pull to yank on your internal door mechanism open. This design has been used for some time and is a trusty method of gaining access to your vehicle in this situation. To get a better idea of how this is installed and works inside of a vehicle check out the installation image/diagram below.

Door popper wiring diagram
Shaved door popper solenoid circuit for wiring.

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Custom Aftermarket Taillights increase safety and style!

Aftermarket taillights and Brake Lights are a great addition to your custom exterior, and on top of adding a great look to your vehicle also adds a substantial amount of safety to your daily driving. Old or faded taillight assemblies can hinder the output of your lights (light bulbs) no matter how bright they are. In certain cases using a solution and buffing your old taillights can restore some of the luster to the plastic housing but if they are damaged or extremely faded then this may not work very well and your next step would be to consider a new set. Factory OEM taillights can cost you a fortune and are simply a replacement of the old boring style that are currently installed. Why pay extra for this when most vehicles have so many options for aftermarket units that will function better while light passes through, and even look great when not on. There are so many style options like red, black, chrome, units with LED’s, or a completely different style like altezza style which have a circular insert in them to promote a new exterior aesthetic look.

Our suggestion is to do your research when considering these new lights for your car, truck or SUV as there are many options out there and choosing a popular brand will determine how long they will last you. Find a quality set that comes with a decent warranty to ensure you are not replacing them every 6 months as these lights should not only look sweet but should also last you for years to come. X2 Industries carries a wide variety of custom aftermarket taillights from many different manufacturers to provide you exactly what you have been looking for and that will last you the long haul.

Remember, when it comes to lighting for your ride choose safety and quality first, style second.


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Custom Aftermarket Steel Rollpans
Rollpans are an excellent addition to your truck or SUV’s exterior. These custom body parts create a smooth and custom look to the rear of your vehicle. There are many styles of rollpan to choose from, so before you being your purchase get to know what your dealing with and the options you have available to you to customize your truck.

Some of the more popular and readily available pans are built out of fiberglass. These rollpans are built to be installed with hardware (nuts and bolts) and will show a seam between the bed section (metal) and fiberglass pan. Metal stamped rollpans or fabricated rollpans are built to either be welded or mounted with hardware. Installing a metal pan with a weld offers a seamless look which can really add that sweet custom style your looking for, but keep in mind it is sometimes an issue with customer that do not have a welder and can be more costly due to minor fabrication work and paint. The other option is using hardware with a steel fabricated rollpan which can give you a bit of that custom smooth look without the welding involved. A metal fabricated pan has a slight lip that overlaps each side of the bed section to somewhat hide the seam.

No matter what rollpan you are looking for or are considering purchasing there are some initial steps that will need to be taken to accommodate these custom exterior enhancements. One of the biggest modifications that you will have to make when installing any kind of rollpan is trimming your far rear frame section. This section mounts your factory bumper and must be removed to allow clearance for your new rollpan so be sure to cut this frame section back far enough to clear a straight across rollpan from side to side. A good way to tell if you have trimmed the frame back far enough is to take a string line holding one end at each side of the lower bed panel sliding it up and down to see if any part of the newly trimmed frame catches the string. Once you have this done then the hard part is over, to wrap everything up be sure to wire you license plate light and mount the pan.

For instructions on rollpan installation please visit our install documents on each of the rollpan products under the “DOCUMENTS (INSTALLATION)  tab.

Custom Steel Rollpans

Steel Smooth RollPan Installation Documentation / Welding / Fabrication / Body Filler / Paint