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Plasmaglow has introduced a complete line of ready to mount LED light bars for the Off-Road enthusiast. These new massive LED systems have the capability to output many thousands of lumens for extreme dark situations. X2 Industries now caries over 20 different styles for just about any configuration that you would like.

Check out this sweet lineup of OFF-ROAD LED light bars today!

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Complete Lineup of High Output LED Lights
Plasmaglow 4×4 Off Road LED Lighting



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Custom Aftermarket Taillights increase safety and style!

Aftermarket taillights and Brake Lights are a great addition to your custom exterior, and on top of adding a great look to your vehicle also adds a substantial amount of safety to your daily driving. Old or faded taillight assemblies can hinder the output of your lights (light bulbs) no matter how bright they are. In certain cases using a solution and buffing your old taillights can restore some of the luster to the plastic housing but if they are damaged or extremely faded then this may not work very well and your next step would be to consider a new set. Factory OEM taillights can cost you a fortune and are simply a replacement of the old boring style that are currently installed. Why pay extra for this when most vehicles have so many options for aftermarket units that will function better while light passes through, and even look great when not on. There are so many style options like red, black, chrome, units with LED’s, or a completely different style like altezza style which have a circular insert in them to promote a new exterior aesthetic look.

Our suggestion is to do your research when considering these new lights for your car, truck or SUV as there are many options out there and choosing a popular brand will determine how long they will last you. Find a quality set that comes with a decent warranty to ensure you are not replacing them every 6 months as these lights should not only look sweet but should also last you for years to come. X2 Industries carries a wide variety of custom aftermarket taillights from many different manufacturers to provide you exactly what you have been looking for and that will last you the long haul.

Remember, when it comes to lighting for your ride choose safety and quality first, style second.


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Light Tube DRL Projectors.
These Headlights have a built in Light Tube for a splash of custom style.

There are many styles of projector headlights on the market nowadays, and it is important to know what your getting when you make the leap to install custom headlights.

To begin we will explain the difference between standard OEM Headlights or even crystal clear headlight in comparison to Projector Headlights. Projector Headlights for vehicles work in the same manner as a projector system in a movie theater. Light is emitted through a high magnification lens or lenses that modify the light from a blurred 360 emitting scenario to a more focused direct light. The lenses used for projector headlights are converging and can be distinguished by the way the lens bows thicker in the center which refracts light to a focused point ahead, this creates a very strong light output on one area. The benefits of this brighter light focused on the road, where you need it, is increased distant visibility and a brighter light output. Take a look at the picture below to get an idea of how this concept works:

Projector Headlight Concept
Projector Headlights offer a refraction lens for focused high output light.

Other then the amazing clarity and focused output of these projector assemblies, projector headlights also offer an abundance of style. Some of the luxurious styles of these custom projector headlight assemblies include LED Daytime Running Lights, LED Halo Rings, CCFL Halo Rings and Glowing Light Tubes. Many of these lights mimic some of the newer Audi headlight assemblies and come in various shapes and sizes to match the contour and style of your vehicle.

The difference between LED’s and CCFL’s are simply the output of light they offer. While LED’s last quite a long time, they do not offer the lighting output that a “Cold Cathode Florescent Light or Lamp” does and the CCFL tubes in CCFL headlights are rarely able to be replaced due to the sensitivity of the Halo Tube, as they are very fragile but do seem to last quite a long time. To give you a better understanding of the output of these CCFL lights, they are also used in scanners, laptop screens and just about any flat panel display for the back-lighting output, so you can imagine the light output of these units.

Keep in mind some of the projector headlights offered on the market today will not allow you to swap out the LED’s or CCFL tubes when they go bad so in most cases another set of headlights are required to fix the issue unless this feature is specifically specified within the product specifications.

If you have questions or are looking for additional specifications for your set of headlights please feel free to les one of our knowledgeable sales staff know, we are always here to help.


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Plasmaglow LumaWave Swimming Pool LED Light
Plasmaglow LED LumaWAVE Swimming Pool Light, with Wireless Controller.

Plasmaglow has just introduced a new LED light kit for us homeowners that are looking to spruce up there backyard. Its amazing output lights up any pool with extreme clarity. The cost is definitely reasonable for what you get, and the unit is wireless. and comes with over 550 LED’s which provides a great output in comparison to other equivalent products on the market. It is new to the industry right now so we are excited to see what people think. The remote accommodates a speed control, on-off button and a program key. This is a quite simple upgrade and screws in like a standard 120v house bulb.

Check out the product listing here: