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Air Suspension Q&A

  • Q: If we buy an air ride system, can we change the height of the travel?

  • A: Yes, the struts can be built with an alternate height that you can choose. The standard air bag travel is 6 inches and can be 7-7.5 inches at the wheel with independent suspension.  Keep in mind we usually will not go any higher then 3 inches over factory height for the max inflated height as this can cause your factory suspension to bind and causes pre-mature wear and tear.

  • Q: Do I really need 4-links for my truck? I have been told I can remove most of my leaf springs and this will provide my drop for the air bags to work.

  • A: Any time you remove leaf springs in your leaf spring pack you run the risk of degrading the integrity of the spring. Over time this will cause your leaf springs to fail, which can be catastrophic while driving.  Weld on or bolt on 4-links are always a better option.

  • Q: Do you make struts for all vehicles?

  • A: Yes and No, some vehicles struts are very narrow and the cavity the strut travels though is also very small, and in this case we use different hardware like air cylinders or custom air springs and brackets.

  • Q: How low can i get or how low does your air suspension kit drop my car?

  • A: Our air ride systems allow for a maximum factory travel drop, which means if you were to remove the factory coils, leaf’s, or struts and rest the vehicle on the ground, then this would be your max drop.  When working on the depth of your air ride you need to consider wheel clearances, ball joint angles, axles and more.  In some cases it may be necessary to get lower with larger wheels and in this case you may need to statically lower the vehicle more with drop arms, lowering spindles or other hardware to get you where you want to be.  Keep in mind depending on the application, it may require a lot more modifications to get a deeper drop then the factory travel will allow.

  • Q: What is the average installation time of an air suspension kit?

  • A: Air ride can vary on installation time depending on the vehicle and the travel heights you are looking for.  Some of our larger deeper dropped street scraper kits are built to bolt-in but can still take some time to install simply due to the size of the kit.  Some systems will require welding which will also take some additional time to prep and finalize. On average you can expect a few days of installation time from start to finish, just remember the more time you put into your installation usually the better the results.

  • Q: How do I fast bag my current air ride system?

  • A: For your system to move fast you need to remove all restriction from the air supply to the air bag. To ensure the fastest possible adjustability your system will need large 1/2 inch port air valves, 1/2 inch straight through air fittings, 1/2 inch airline, and you will want to be sure you have enough pressure, volume and power to keep up with the extra air flow so adding a larger pressure switch, a larger or second air tank and multiple compressors may also be required.