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Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is one of the top Japanese multinational conglomerates that are primarily known for the manufacturing of passenger vehicles like cars, trucks, and other power sport equipment. Honda is a global brand name with several major accomplishments. They are one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer as well as biggest internal combustion engine manufacturer, and has been among the top ten worldwide automobile manufacturers for many decades.
Users still look for aftermarket products to add value, and style to their vehicles. Several benefits are associated with custom Air Suspension systems that are available for Honda vehicles. Some of these benefits include enhanced performance, added elevation, smooth ride, and of course adjustable ride height. These air suspension kits can truly transform the vehicles overall capabilities.

X2 Industries is a brand name for those looking to invest in high-quality custom aftermarket products with expertise in airbag suspension, drop suspension kits, lift suspension, lighting, body styling components and accessories. We offer many different options when it comes to air ride suspension to accommodate each and every one of our customers specific needs.
Especially in the US markets, the top five of the top ten fuel-efficient cars from 1984 to 2010 were from Honda, which is more than any other automaker in the industry.

These models included:

2000 to 2006 Honda insight 1986-87 Honda Civic coupe HF
1994-1995 Honda Civic hatchback VX
2006 – Honda Civic Hybrid &
2010 – Honda insight.

The American Council of Energy-efficient economy (ACEEE) has also given the greenest car award to the Civic GX for over seven years straight. These kits are engineered to match the suitable needs of the customer as well as complement your vehicle with increased ride control. X2 Industries make sure each part of the kit works in combination with the existing manufacturing standards to deliver maximum performance and reliability. Air Suspension Kits for your Honda will include a combination of parts to ensure your system is a match to you as well as your vehicle.

Some of these parts include: 

Air Compressors
Air Tanks 
Air Cylinders 
Air Struts 
Air Bags / Springs
Digital and Analog Gauge Displays 
Front air struts 
Rear Air Struts 
Brass Air valves
Air Valve Blocks
VU4 Air Manifolds 
Air Suspension Relays
Pressure Switch
Water Separators
Switch Control Systems
and More! 

Air suspension at the chassis are built with a combination of blank air strut and air bag castings which seat against the strut body. This process of replacing the coil spring with a complete air strut assembly is basically the same with all cars and trucks. The only thing that changes is the size of the strut body, the size of the air bag and the lower air strut mounting point. The air bag / air spring bladders are built of a combination of rubber and polyurethane composite. They are then inflated with a compressor in combination with an air tank.  Remote wireless controls can be used as well as wired controls, which give the customer the choice of changing the the ride heights how they want when they want.

In today’s market many customers choose to use a smartphone Bluetooth module to control the air valves and allow wireless communication to there vehicle. These options empower our users with more choices when it comes to the perfect air bag system. Airlines are fed throught the car or truck to connect each of the 4 air bags with the air manifold or valving and then to the air tank. X2Industries offers top-notch suspension kits exactly the way you want it for Hondas. 

Some of the Honda models we have customized air suspension kits for include:

Accord, CR-V, CR-X, CR-Z, City, Civic, Civic SI, Crosstour, Del Sol, Element, Fit, HR-V, INSIGHT, Odyssey, Passport, Pilot, prelude, S660, S2000 and more.

Here is a long list of customized Honda Air Suspension kits and their parts available at X2 industries:

1983-1987 Honda Prelude Complete Air Suspension Kit
1984-1987 Honda Civic, CRX, Hatchback Complete Air Suspension Kit
1986-1989 Honda Accord Complete Air Suspension Kit – Air Cylinders
1986-1989 Honda Accord Complete Air Suspension Kit – Air Struts
1988-1991 Honda Civic, CRX, Hatchback Complete Air Suspension Kit
1988-1991 Honda Civic, CRX, Hatchback Complete Air Suspension Kit – Cylinder Kit
1988-1991 Honda Prelude Complete Air Suspension Kit – Cylinder Kit
1990-1993 Honda Accord Complete Air Suspension Kit
1992-1995 Honda Civic Complete Air Suspension Kit – Cylinder Kit
1992-1996 Honda Prelude Complete Air Suspension Kit – Cylinder Kit
1992-1997 Honda Civic Complete Air Suspension Kit – Air Cylinders
1993-1997 Honda Delsol Complete Air Suspension Kit
1994-1997 Honda Accord Complete Air Suspension Kit
1995-1998 Honda Odyssey Complete Air Suspension Kit
1996-2000 Honda Civic, Sedan, Coupe Complete Air Suspension Kit – Air Cylinders
1996-2000 Honda Civic, Sedan, Coupe Complete Air Suspension Kit – Air Struts
1997-2001 Honda Prelude Complete Air Suspension Kit
1998-2002 Honda Accord Complete Air Suspension Kit
1998-2004 Honda Passport, Rodeo Complete Air Suspension Kit
1999-2004 Honda Odyssey Complete Air Suspension Kit
2000-2005 Honda Pilot Complete Air Suspension Kit
2001-2005 Honda Civic, Sedan, Coupe, Hatchback, Eu3 Complete Air Suspension Kit
2001-2006 Honda S2000 Complete Air Suspension Kit
2002-2006 Honda CRV Complete Air Suspension Kit
2002-2006 Honda CRV New Style Complete Air Suspension Kit
2003-2006 Honda Accord Complete Air Suspension Kit
2003-2006 Honda Element Complete Air Suspension Kit
2005-2010 Honda Odyssey Complete Air Suspension Kit
2006-2007 Honda Civic, Sedan, Coupe, Hatchback, Complete Air Suspension Kit
2006-2009 Honda Ridgeline Complete Air Suspension Kit
2007-2012 Honda Element Complete Air Suspension Kit
2008-2012 Honda Accord Complete Air Suspension Kit
2010-2012 Honda Ridgeline Complete Air Suspension Kit

All kits come with a 1-year warranty on all the equipment included in the system, and come with a lifetime warranty on air bags.

Comfort is one of the primary benefits associated with custom aftermarket air suspension products. Manufacturers are now leveraging air ride for the better ride quality which make them more attractive for a variety of customers. Some vehicles will offer a better ride then others, if you are interested in finding out how your car or truck will feel once converted you can give us a call toll free.  X2 Industries is a leading custom Suspension Kits provider that offers a quality solutions to enhancing the performance and feel of your vehicles ride. For the Honda brand, we have more than 33 customized kits to boost your vehicles suspension performance and bring your custom Honda to the next level. All of our Honda kits are packed the necessary components to give you a reliable air suspension system for your Honda. Get the flexibility, and dynamics that you want with an air suspension system from X2. These air parts and kits come at an affordable cost and utilize the best industry standards possible. Connect with a top automobile expert to know more about what we have to offer and get started getting the most out of your vehicle today!


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All vehicles come packed with factory accessories. These are called Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or the factory parts, which are rigorously tested to give you a comfortable ride. Still, there are thousands of enhancements you can add by utilizing third-party manufacturers parts. All accessories other than OEM are simply termed as Aftermarket auto accessories. There are endless possibilities with these enhancements. Almost any part of the vehicle can be customized to give better performance, looks, and ride dynamics.

Most of the factory accessories are limited by regulations and warranties while aftermarket parts and accessories are tailored to your specific needs and wants. Moreover, aftermarket parts are primarily known to enhance your vehicle. Aftermarket products also add extra style, color, and luxury to the vehicle. These give unique value and identity to your car, truck, or SUV. So every-time you are on the road your aftermarket vehicle can be the center of attention.

Most of the aftermarkets also follow the general regulations. So make sure these follow complete protocols as set by authorities. Otherwise, there could be hefty fines for wrong combinations. Also these aftermarket products, void the extra warranties with your car, trucks, or vehicles. 

Aftermarket products are furthermore have impeccable quality. These aftermarkets products are highly affordable and improvise the performance to match with your value for money. At X2 Industries we provide customize products depending on your requirements and enhancements to uplift the performance of vehicle. 

We have hundreds of aftermarket products with different types of suspensions, lighting, internal and external products, performance products, and corresponding accessories. For Suspensions, we have
Aftermarket Air Suspension, Factory Air Suspension, Lift Suspension, Drop Suspension, and other complementary suspension parts. These include pneumatic cylinders, air bags, compressors, pressure safety switches, digital and analog gauges, air springs, air struts, air assist, leveling
systems, valves, tanks, air line, switches, complete extreme systems, complete air ride suspension kits, air bag suspension, universal hot rod kits, fbss air ride, drop blocks, lift kits, drop kits, spindles, and axle flip kits. All these products have superior performance and add more luxury value to your cars, trucks, or SUVs. 

We also have customized products with I-beams, coil springs, billet grilles, vinyl products, handle relocation kits, roll pans, home and automotive glow lighting, dome lights, accent lighting, under-body glow kits, cathodes, LEDs, strobes, switches, relays, truck accessories, 4 wheel parts, crystal clear headlights, fog lights, auxiliary truck lights, bulbs, tail lights, headlights, neon glowing accessories, truck lighting, side step bars, hoods, wheels, train and truck air horns, air horn kits, electronic horns, intake systems, alarm systems, door popper kits, shaved door kits, Lamborghini doors, suicide door hinges, car, truck, and SUV accessories.

At X2 Industries, we are one of the top-notch manufacturers of aftermarket products with suspension, lighting, interiors, exteriors, and high performing products. Our auto experts are the best in the industry and offer customized guidance for customer preference. They can guide you
effectively on modifications for your vehicle and add more power, style, and uniqueness to sweet ride. All the products are built with industry standards and offer unmatchable performance. For more information, guidance, and custom aftermarket products, get connected with x2industries auto experts now!


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A suspension lift system is a great way to customize your vehicle. It can be used to raise the ride height of your car, SUV, or truck. Suspension lift equipment is available for several types of cars that have low clearance to increase their handlings such as Lamborghini, Mclaren, Ford GT, and Ferrari models. These suspension lifts provide the lift while moving on road bumps and ramps in keeping the vehicle front body protected on driving while they can also be deactivated on level roads or race tracks to maximize the performance. Suspension lifts can enhance the off-road performance of any vehicle including cars, SUVs, or even trucks. At X2 Industries, you can get customized life coils, I-Beams, Lift Blocks, Arched Leaf Springs, Shackles, and Lift blocks among others. 

Suspension lifts result in an increased height of the vehicle, so a raised center of gravity gets created. These suspensions lift can change the geometry of the front wheel. You must also purchase chassis components for aligning purposes and enjoy a seamless formation for all your wheels. Here spindles don’t have a significant effect on the wheel, whereas the drop coils can shift the control arms that can also change the caster and chamber of the overall movement. These lower controls can affect the front wheel geometry. Our experts will help in creating a smooth combination between the lower and upper control arms to get back adjustments to the factory specifications. 

Suspension kits include all the parts for a specific model of vehicle, packed with instructions, and customer support for comprehensive integration. 

Lifted torsion keys can change or modify the torsion front suspension of the vehicle. That allows an added 3 inches of lift. You can easily swap the factory key with these aftermarket keys to get the desired stance for the truck. We have keys for models on Dodge, Chevy, GMC, Ford, Isuzu, and provide customized solutions on demand. 

Lift shackles improve the suspension for a significant height on your leaf spring on the SUV or truck respectively. These are power coated to avoid wear & tear for years and keep a check on corrosion. 

Block Kits are the best ways to increase height from a solid axle. We provide specific u-bolts to increase height up to 6 inches. 

Control arms are used to align symmetry on the front suspension. Upper control arm can bring ball joint to parallel point to precisely place the tow and camber for ensuring wear and tear away from the mechanism. 

I-Beams can add 2 to 3 inches lift for your trucks while keeping the same comfort level of the factory ride quality. These are packed with bushings and ball joints. 

At X2Industries, we are of the top manufacturers for all types of air suspension with unmatchable performance. We also provide lighting, interior, and exteriors products to enhance the performance of the vehicle. All our aftermarket products come with the highest quality and can be seamlessly connected with any vehicle design. Get customized approach and performance with aftermarket products for your vehicles with top auto experts now!


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It’s that time of year again, which means we will be out of the office chugging mugs of cocoa, stuffing our face with turkey and pie and cookies and attempting to fulfill our life-long goal of memorizing every single line of Elf. We will be back to make sure you all have someone to talk to after that. X2 Industries will be closed the following days:

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Thank you to all of our customers, fans, and folks we have had the joy of meeting this 2019!

You are greatly appreciated! Be safe, happy and enjoy your Holidays.

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