Air suspension is enjoyable, gives the perfect dose of control and comfort, and allows you to be your best. Nonetheless, the efficiency of air suspension gradually goes down like all other machines. 

This means, if you have installed Air Suspension, you must take care of it. And to be most accurate, a driver’s duty isn’t driving only. 

Make sure you don’t miss to clean and give it a dose of revitalization each day. 

Here are some daily driving tips that will keep your air suspension as your biggest asset for a long time to come.

1. Make Sure to Check Leaks Regularly: 

Airbags and airlines work their best with no leaks at all. There must not be any leaks in your system which would allow the air suspension to use its best efficiency. So make sure you check regularly. 

Damaged components are typical signs of leaks. They make the inflation of the spring difficult as well as lower the compressor efficiency. Moreover, leaks can cause the system to wear out sooner than expected. 

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2. How’s the Air Line Condition?  

The airline transfers the pressurised air into the airbags. I hope you understand how important they are. Now if you do so, don’t forget to keep a check on them. 

Make sure they are well connected to the car. Loose or damaged connections will surely underperform and later may damage your entire air suspension system. 

3. Inspecting the Air Spring: 

Before you go on a drive, inspect your air spring pressure once. The required pressure for a comfortable ride is usually 5 PSI. However, there is room for liquid variations in this. Especially each air suspension kit and vehicle differs in this concern. 

If you’re new to air suspension, consult an automobile technician to find out the ideal air spring pressure for your vehicle. They will help you understand the system in detail and how you can inflate or deflate the air springs according to your comfort. 

Once you find the comfortable ride pressure & height, note them down for future rides. 

4. Prepare for the Winter: 

Winter is a very happy season for machines. Especially when it snows. They can create condensation on your system which results in freezing the entire air tank. The air suspension system will not work at all. 

Snowfall is not in our control but you can control the freezing. Install a water trap to deal with it. This device catches the water droplets and debris & keeps your airlines perfectly clean and in operation. 

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5. Watch for the Road Ahead: 

Where are you driving tomorrow? How’s the road condition in between? These are some questions that should be on your daily driving to-do list. One of the most simple, effective, and ignored air suspension driving tips is to know the ground. 

6. Drain the Air Tank: 

A water trap is helpful but it doesn’t make your system permanently maintenance-free. We suggest otherwise. The condensation needs to go somewhere else from your tank. So make sure to drain it before the drive. 

This simple habit can help you save time, and hundreds of dollars from heavy servicing. 

7. Perform Regular Cleaning: 

Here is the Golden tip for you. 

Before you set out on your next long journey with your favourite beast on the road, make sure to check everything in & out. Assume that you’re giving a servicing treatment to it and the system must be checked thoroughly. 

Check for improper connections, loose connections, air tank issues, airline issues, airbag inflation, compressor working, and electrical circuits. Check all the components and solve any issues you find before hauling to your next journey. Doing it regularly will surprisingly improve the system’s performance and keep the dirt away. 

You know what’s the bonus here? 

This is an opportunity for you to check the kit for any debris build-up.  Check around the brackets, valves, and air springs. 

8. Go for Regular Servicing: 

How long have you been driving your classic beast? How many times did you meet a true automobile technician or professional to service your vehicle and the installed air suspension system? 

Contacting a professional is the best way to detect what’s wrong with your system. They can easily find each cause that can put you in danger or lead to more expensive damages later in your journey. 

One simple to-do task can save dollars on your trip. 


The air suspension system is the classic solution to comfort and control issues. They are great to use but you must take care of them regularly. Like all the other mechanical systems, they also get damaged, go loose, and malfunction over time. 

Your beast must be taken care of by you. Follow all the above tips listed and see how simple things can improve its lifetime, performance, and efficiency in all future rides.