Do you want to upgrade your air suspension kit but don’t know how? Well worry not this guide will clear all your doubts and help you upgrade your air suspension kit.

Understanding Air Suspension Kits:

Before we dive into this subject, let’s see what Air suspension kits are, for a better understanding.

Well, Air suspension kits are air-filled bags that replace metal springs or air springs to give your car better and more adaptive support. These airbags can be filled or emptied using compressed air according to your likeness.

How Can An Air Suspension Kit Make Your Car Better?

1. Comfortable ride – With the help of airbags your car can easily glide over any bumps without making you feel uncomfortable 

2. Shifting the size – You would be able to adjust the size of your car with just a push of a button.

3. Strength – The strength of your car’s suspension will improve and it will be able to carry heavy or any extra weight without compressing too much.  

4. Long-lasting – A good air suspension kit can make your car live longer by protecting it from rough roads.

Upgrading your air suspension kit step-by-step guide:

1. Check your current system – Before upgrading check what your car already has. Check the suspension parts under the car, if it doesn’t have an air suspension then you’ll need a full kit.

2. Choosing the upgrade parts – when it comes to upgrading the air suspension kit there are different parts that you can upgrade, for example: 

A.  Airbags – These airbags are like soft cushions that hold your car up and give it more support from beneath. So, choose stronger bags that’ll be able to handle heavy weights.

B.  Compressor – A compressor helps to pump air into the bag. Pick a good quality compressor that can fill the airbags faster.

C.  Air tank – The air tank stores extra air that helps to adjust the height of your car. So, upgrade to a bigger tank. You’ll be able to adjust the height of your car frequently without worrying about refilling the airbags with the compressor again.

D. Control system – A control system helps you to control the amount of air in each airbag. Some advanced air control systems will let you control your suspension with a smartphone app.

3. Decide your budget:

Upgrading can cost you a lot or very little depending on your need. So, first, figure out what specific parts you want to upgrade or if your car needs a full kit, and then decide your budget.

4. Choose a brand:

There are many companies out in the market that make good air suspension parts but some popular ones are. But before choosing a brand, make sure to check whether it’s helpful to your needs. Most importantly, each company offers a list of multiple air suspensions for one vehicle.

At X2 Industries, we also do the same. The whole point is to give your vehicle a perfect upgrade to suit its needs. The brand doesn’t matter if it’s not working out.

We make sure that each vehicle gets the right upgrade and so we have carefully crafted our products after discussing with experts and the public as well.

5. Right tools to use:

1. Car jack

2. Support stands

3. Socket set and torque wrench

4. Airline cutter

Remember safety comes first. So, always wear safety glasses and be careful with airlines under pressure.

7. Remove the old parts:

 If you are replacing the parts then first follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the old suspension parts.

Then start by disconnecting the airlines and wirings then take out the old airbags or other parts like wheels, shocks, and springs.

8. Install New Parts:

Here are some tips to follow:

9. Testing Your New Setup: 

After installing all the new parts you must test if everything has been done correctly and if you face any problems then reach out to a professional.

Things to test – 

10. Tuning:

Once everything is done you can finally do some fine-tuning. Check all the following:

After adjusting everything, take a test drive and pay attention to how it feels while driving the car.

11. Regular Maintenance:

To keep your air Suspension healthy and make it last longer make sure you are doing regular maintenance.

 Doing these maintenance steps will keep your air Suspension Kit and your car healthy for a very long time. The good thing about maintenance is that it is cheap and it will help you avoid any future costly repairs or replacements.

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In this guide, we have provided you with all the key information regarding the air Suspension Kit and how you can upgrade it.

If you have any doubts or you feel like this guide didn’t answer your question then reach out to your local professional for proper guidance.

Upgrading your air suspension kit by yourself can be challenging, but with this guide, you can make it easy.

Remember all the steps mentioned above like- 

Lastly, remember to do regular maintenance to keep your air suspension alive longer.