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The custom air suspension industry has made leaps and bound over the last 20 years, and many manufacturers / suppliers are capable of providing suspension for just about every vehicle, no matter what your style.

Prior to now air suspension was built for a limited market, mainly MINI Trucks or lowriders. Unfortunately there were many cusomers moving over to the new suspension which had to make sacrifices to accommodate what was available on the market back then. Today’s custom air suspension market is much larger and can accommodate just about any stance you are looking for.

Not only are the air ride systems becoming available for alternate heights but the shops that install this new air bag suspension have the knowledge and ability to modify parts of the vehicles chassis to change the ride height to exactly what your looking for.

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Custom engineered control arms, spindles, 4-links, extended trailing arms, custom track bars, links, custom brackets, and taller air bags all make adding a lifted air ride kit possible. It’s not to say that you or your installer won’t run into complications due to the sheer height of the new chassis, but it is certainly a much easier process than it was before.

If you are looking for an air bag lift kit to clear some large wheels (donk style) or are simply looking to gain some off road clearance then x2 can take care of it.

Lowriders are a much diffrent beast all together. Much of the lowered air ride kit equipment used to only go so far depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle. Leaps and bounds have also been made with these dropped air ride systems as well. With lowered control arms, spindles, frame notches, and custom frame modifications durring the installation almost all vehicles can now lay out completely. A good match in wheel and tire diameter should also be considered when trying to maximize the total drop you are looking for. With very large wheels and certain cars and trucks, a completely new custom crossmember may be required to gain the lowered stance you are looking for.

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No matter what the application, or heights you are looking for, rest assured with the right combination of air suspension hardware and a good installer with fabrication experience it is now possible to modify your current suspension to do just about anything you would like.

NOTE: Body drops are also a good option when trying to maximize your dropped air ride stance. Keep in mind, that these types of drops just about always require some major body and frame modifications to allow the body to sit lower on the frame and would require the work of a fabrication shop that is firmiliar with this type of lowering modification.


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As many of the older cars and trucks are becoming harder and harder to restore due to parts availability, there is certainly one aspect of the vehicle for which you are restoring that can be converted to accommodate a new style, better ride and dynamics that will interest enthusiasts of all ages. The chassis of many of these classic/hot rod car and truck restorations are very basic and can easily be converted from the traditional coil spring, leaf spring, or transverse leaf to a solid adjustable solution like air ride suspension. These suspension kits are built to accommodate the OEM hardware (IE: control arms, and factory chassis components) in many of these vehicles, so the work can be done in a timely manner. Traditionally many of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s vehicles utilized a coil spring and separate shock assembly which would simply require the installer to remove the coil spring and adapt a air bag bracket kit to the coil spring retainer cup. This modification with the appropriate tools can be done over a weekend, and requires minimal fabrication work depending on the specific vehicle and air ride kit.

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As with any custom project, there are many ways to get this modification done. Just be sure to think everything through and be sure to have all the hardware ready to go when beginning your installation. X2 Industries is one of the few companies to include 100% all of the parts with there air ride suspension kits, no matter what the application. If you are thinking about piecing together an air ride system, be sure not to forget a front shock relocation kit if your classic car, truck or hot rod has the current shock through the coil spring configuration.

Custom Classic Car and Truck Air Ride Systems
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