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Many late model vehicles come packed with factory accessories. These are called Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) accessories or the factory installed accessory parts which are tested and provided as upgrades when the vehicle is purchased. There are thousands of aftermarket custom accessory enhancements that you can add and that are manufactured by third-party organizations. All accessories other than OEM are simply termed as aftermarket auto accessories or custom automotive accessories. There are endless possibilities with these enhancements. Almost any part of the vehicle can be customized to offer additional performance, functionality, and can change the overall look of the vehicle.

Most factory installed accessories are limited by manufacturing cost, regulations and warranties while aftermarket products available for those who want something different. Aftermarket accessories are primarily known to enhance your vehicle by either changing the way your vehicle functions from the factory, or changes the look of the vehicle. Aftermarket accessories also add style, color, and can even increase the luxury of the vehicle. These parts give unique value and identity to your car, truck, or SUVs.

Most of the aftermarket auto accessories and parts also follow general regulations, or they may also provide disclaimers stating that the parts should only be installed for off road use only. Either way many consumers of aftermarket parts and accessories will still use these parts for on road purposes. Depending on the local authorities there could be hefty fines for certain customizations without following local regulations. Also these aftermarket products can void the vehicles manufacturers warranties, so be sure to check with your dealer as to what is acceptable. 

Aftermarket products are also known to change the overall value of the vehicle. Most aftermarket products are highly affordable and can take an average vehicle to an all new level. X2 Industries provides said custom aftermarket products for thousands of vehicles. 

Some of these custom aftermarket auto accessories include but are not limited to different types of suspension, lighting, internal and external styling accessories, rollpans, steering wheels, door hinges, suicide doors, door poppers, other performance products, and many more corresponding accessories. We also have Aftermarket Air Suspension, Factory Air Suspension, Lift Suspension, Drop Suspension, and other complementary suspension parts. Some of these air suspension parts include pneumatic cylinders, air bags, compressors, pressure safety switches, digital and analog gauges, air springs, air struts, air assist, leveling systems, valves, tanks, air line, switches, complete extreme systems, complete air ride suspension kits, air bag suspension, universal hot rod kits, FBSS air ride, drop blocks, lift kits, drop kits, spindles, and axle flip kits. All these products provide superior performance and add functionality and luxury to your car, truck, or SUV. 


We also provide custom built products like I-beams, coil springs, billet grilles, control arms, handle relocation kits, filler plates, and more. Some of the automotive lighting accessories include home and automotive glow lighting, dome lights, accent lighting, underbody glow kits, cathodes, LEDs, strobes, switches, relays, truck accessories, 4 wheel parts, crystal clear headlights, fog lights, auxiliary truck lights, bulbs, tail lights, projector headlights, halo headlights, neon glowing accessories, truck lighting, wheels, train and truck air horns, air horn kits, electronic horns, intake systems, alarm systems, and shaved door kits.

X2 Industries is one of the top manufacturers / distributors of aftermarket auto parts which includes suspension, lighting, interior parts, exterior parts, and high performance products. Our automotive experts are the absolute best in the industry, offering customized guidance for each and every customer. They can guide you effectively on modifications for your vehicle to add style, and uniqueness to your already sweet ride. All the products are built with industry standard specifications and offer industry leading warranties. For more information or guidance with your custom aftermarket products be sure to get connected with X2industries now!


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Train Truck Air Horn Kits are an easy way to let other drivers know your there. They add style as well as a great amount of functionality and safety to your custom aftermarket automobile. In one way or another all train / truck air horns and the way they work are very similar to each other. If you see much alterations from one horn to another, it would most likely consist of the air management hardware used and possibly the horn style and size. The concept of harnessing this equipment to create the horn noise itself is very much the same.

Train Truck Air Horn Document
Basic Air Horn Equipment Diagram

The basic train / truck air horn systems work by harnessing a pre-compressed volume of air from the tank of an air management system which is initially compressed utilizing a tank and compressor combination. This pneumatic system of components to compress air and store a set pressurized volume of air can be ready to blow air at a moments notice. Once the air management system is established and then valved to the air horn, a complete system is now in place. There are a few components of the air horn air supply that we will not elaborate on at the moment, but we know once the air pressure is released through that valve the horn sounds. In some cases the compressor may be directly connected to the horn which would require an efficient match of compressor air output to air horn input. This type of system needs to be perfectly matched to ensure the appropriate amount of air travels through the horn to make a noise. Much of the horns amplitude is based off of the size of the horn orifice, the size of the airline, size of the air valve and the amount of pressure you are pushing through the entire assembly and out through the air horn bellows. An air horn works the same way a musical instrument works in a orchestra. For a visual schematic or diagram on how all this equipment does together, check out the image above.
The actual air horn itself can be refereed to as the heart of the system.  These interesting units work by using stored pressurized air to vibrate a single or multiple diaphragms located at the very end of the air horn bellow within a resonating chamber. This chamber is built to become pressurized and release noise very quickly. When the horn is activated and air travels from the air management system through the open air valve to the horns resonating chamber and then escapes the horn through the bellow. This quick transfer of air from the valve, compression chamber to ozone is what promotes vibration at the diaphragm which in turn makes your loud air horn noise..The bellow of the horn tapering from small to large at the mouth is the main reason for the amplitude of the noise being emitted, as this transfer of noise thought the slowing increasing size of the bellow helps amplify the vibrating diaphragm.


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X2`s new automotive customization and parts blog is here! This is a space where you can find aftermarket automotive customization installation techniques, procedures, tech notes, specifications, and more. The go to area for new customers getting to know what may need to be done with a coming purchase or an existing customer needing some direction on a project there currently working on. From our complete top to bottom custom air bag suspension systems installation procedures to custom Lamborghini or gullwing door hinge installation fabrication, you can find it here. Get to know your part before it even arrives at your doorstep.

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