Custom Air Suspensions have gained much popularity due to their effectiveness in enhancing your automobile’s performance by multiple times. The traditional suspension system uses springs and bolts to give control of your car whereas air suspension gives you airbags on your tires. This improves your car’s performance as you have control of each corner of the vehicle separately. They offer you improved handling, air suspensions, controlled height, and speed that boost your driving experience as a whole. But to achieve all this luxury, you must have the right tricks under your sleeves. They say that knowledge is power. So here is this article to showcase the right information about your custom air suspensions and their impact on your automobile. 

Tips to Enhance Your Automobile’s Performance:

1. Choosing the Right Components:

The very first tip is to choose good-quality components for your car’s suspension system. Your car is material but not the driving experience. Low-quality components are worn out easily and need the right replacement very often. This alone leads to discomfort for the owner. Better quality components mean better durability, better handling, more customization, and safety. 

2. Find Your Driving Needs:

Each hand is different. Not everyone drives in the same way. Some like to drive fast, others like it moderate. There is only one right way of driving a car and that is to keep the car under control. Until you lose control, you are the winner. So here is the question- What are your driving needs? Find them, make notes, and search for the best combination available. Customization according to your needs will allow you to enjoy the drive to the fullest. 

3. Adjust Your Ride Height:

Ride height also is a key point of driving. The air suspension system allows you to customise the height of your vehicle. As a result, you gain good vision and control on wheels to some extent. Your height also affects the car’s compatibility with you and therefore you must look after it. Check your ride height before you start driving. If this is comfortable for you, start the ride otherwise set it first. 

4. Right Installation:

Before you start riding the vehicle, make sure you have installed each part in the right way. Improper installation will lead to safety failures. If you’re not having confidence, hire a professional. 

5. Maintain Your Suspension:

Don’t forget that your vehicle also needs a regular checkup. Components wore out naturally and they will hamper the driving experience. It is your responsibility and needs to check up on your suspension’s components. Check for leaks, and proper pressure levels, and replacement of the old components. 

6. Using Only Quality Compressor:

An air suspension system is highly dependent on its compressor. It compresses the air present in the airbags, controls the ride height, and brakes, and indirectly improves your riding at sharp turnings. Often technicians call the compressor the heart of the air suspension system. As it has so many tasks to do, you can’t risk it by investing in a low-quality compressor. 

7. Add an Extra Tank:

Air Suspension works wholly on air. Therefore you will have to use the air pressure in a way that improves your ride. But you can’t expect air to be in the airbags in a constant amount. They flew out of the system slow or fast. For a better experience, install an air tank storage to make it more efficient. 

8. Use Quality Valves:

Your air distribution depends on the air valves you use. Clearly, they have a big task to do. Low-quality valves can cause leakage further resulting in low efficiency of the system and a bad driving experience. Bad-quality valves can also endanger your ride. 

9. Upgrade the Shocks:

Shocks are a customizable component. While buying some pairs, you must check whether the set is designed to be compatible with your suspension system. Right shocks will help you in handling & overall performance of the vehicle. 

10. Improve Your Pressure:

Air suspension offers you advanced customization control over air pressure. When you drive, try experimenting with the pressure. It will allow you to gain comfort & confidence to find the right pressure that tunes with your driving skills. 

11. Have a Controller:

The air suspension system has a custom air pressure controller. You can use it to vary the pressure in the airbags placed alongside your tires. Learn to use them properly for better control of the vehicle. If the controller offers modifications, gain expertise over it. 

12. Measure Your Wheel:

Several types of air suspension systems are available in the market. However while choosing one, make sure to check your wheel & tire’s features. Your suspension system must complement your wheel size. Check for the specific components of your vehicle. 

13. Consider the Weight:

Your vehicle’s weight also is a rightful factor for consideration. The more the weight, the more will be the requirement for air pressure. Often wrong components can’t survive the extra weight of the car. Make sure that you buy components only that can carry your vehicle’s weight. 

14. Your Driving Conditions:

Not all places are nice and diligent to your vehicle. So before putting your money into an air suspension, make sure you have researched well or consulted with a professional. Your performance also depends on the road conditions, common weather, and most importantly your driving style.  

15. Have a Helper Bag:

A helper’s bag is always useful for a driver. In any case of towing, it may help you in gaining additional support to carry heavy loads. Additional support is also good for making your automobile more stable. 

16. Use an Electronic Suspension System:

Electronic control over the suspension system means you have better customization control over the whole system. You can control the pressure, valve movement, and advanced suspension settings. 

17. Improve Your Breaks:

Brakes are only for one action- to stop the car. But experts know that brakes are useful for better handling & to enhance driving efficiency. Better brakes mean better stopping power & control over the system. 

18. Upgrade Your Steering:

Modern steering systems complement the air suspension systems. It improves the responsiveness of the steering. As a result, you gain immense control over the vehicle’s handling. If you choose steering that is specially designed for your suspension system, buy it without a second thought.  

19. Tune Your Suspension:

We have already discussed that we all have our unique driving styles. To meet your expectations, you should go for tuning your suspension. It will optimise your car for your specific needs. As a result, your car will become your best companion for all rides. 

20. Drive Responsibly:

Finally, an old-school tip you have always heard. Drive carefully and follow all the traffic rules. If you fail to do so, you have a high chance of meeting with an accident while you are driving. 


This article deals with 20 important tips to optimise your air suspension system. Follow them all and you will get the best driving experience of all time. Searching for the best air suspension system for your car? Check them out in our store.