Since its invention, the air suspension system has been in trend and in high demand. More and more manufacturers are coming into the field for developing new-age technology in air suspension. More and more people are loving this as the system gives them outstanding control over their trucks. A simple idea of managing your vehicle height transforms your journey into a miraculous experience. The ride height control is extremely useful when driving on uneven roads, imbalanced load setting, and keeping goods safe. 

When introduced, many people were suspicious of air suspension systems. We couldn’t ignore their questions either as they hold value. The airbags were not strong enough to resist heavy hits. They can get damaged while driving on uneven roads. But development doesn’t stop for anyone. In recent years, we have had air suspension systems that can endure all problems on roads. 

But the question still exists whether you should go for the air suspension system or should you stick to the permanent spring suspension system of your vehicle. What changes can you expect from an air suspension system? And is it worth your money? 

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Performance Applications:

Any invention’s success depends on its successful usage in the real world. The air suspension, when introduced, was a suspicious item but today it is growing insanely. The whole credit goes to its capacity to boost the driving experience. 

In general, you deal with fixed spring settings to your truck or car and run the drive. Whereas the air suspension allows you to do the same with a simple button. You can’t expect to change the whole height in the spring suspension system without going under the car or vehicle and manually doing it. This will take time and it’s complicated for most of us. But the air suspension is way simpler and does cost you a slipped disk. You can literally change your vehicle height from 10 to 0 in no time. 

This results in versatility for the whole vehicle. When using air suspension, you feel comfortable during the drive. You certainly don’t crack your spine when crossing over potholes or road bumps. All the time when you want to gain more speed and stability on track roads, you can adjust the height easily. This also keeps your goods safe if you are carrying some. The fewer vibrations cause less displacement of the goods. 

Off-Road Applications:

Off-road applications include construction, mining, agriculture, forestry, military, and transportation. In concept, it’s really a great idea to use an air suspension system to do all off-road applications. But the story goes otherwise. Having control of the truck height when needed to get extra ground clearance is good. But we are still not there. 

The excess abusing usage of air suspension can harm the components. The off-road applications are heavy serious ones and your vehicle will have to cross many obstacles on the way. These can be very hard on the component and therefore can damage them. The air suspension system is perfect for drivers who run their vehicles on the roads. The air suspension system gives you comfort during your journey while the traditional system just does the opposite. 

There are several types of the air suspension system. Many sports cars employ a shock absorber with a bellow while many others use only a bellow to suspension. While travelling, the only below system can damage the suspension system. Therefore the first one is a piece of ideal equipment for our travelling needs.  

Towing Applications:

 The towing applications need high alarmed safety for the vehicle and the driver. The tailor weight and payload weight drastically shift the centre of mass towards the back of the vehicle. As a result, you lose control over steering and weight on the front. This creates a situation where you are always in danger of accidents. No engine power will prove to be effective here. 

As once the Popular Mechanics Magazine says, “When it comes to choosing a tow vehicle, prioritise the suspension over engine power”. When going through bridges, there are whoops where a traditional spring suspension system forces the goods to leave the ground suddenly and crash back again with the same force. Air suspension on the other hand offers you a more conventional system. Solid suspension systems always result in a rough ride even when you do not have a tailor attached to the vehicle. 

Comfort & Safety:

Since the air suspension system allows you the liberty of adjusting the heights of the vehicle at finger steps, the ride suddenly becomes super comfortable for you. The uneven roads are no more a concern as long as the suspension is working. We have already discussed the initial question people and industries had about the air suspension working method. Their questions were valid though. But in recent years, air suspension has become stronger and can endure more disturbance from roads. It allows you to gain speed even in turning because of the low height and helps you to balance the equilibrium of the vehicle without putting in much physical effort. As driving becomes easier, the overall experience becomes soothing and comfortable and you feel less driving pain. 

The air suspension also allows your vehicle to become safer for goods. It reduces the vibrations inside and outside your vehicle, resulting in smooth driving. Your goods stay in one place and with an additional layering of packaging, all your goods will not have even a scratch on them. 


The blog deals with the question of the worthiness of air suspension kits. Whether you should go for the custom air suspension system for your vehicle or not depends on which type of work you want to go for. Surely air suspension boosts your driving experience drastically. It increases comfort, gives you balance and speed even on sharp turnings, and customised height with a push on buttons. But if your work includes off-roading applications then air suspension will create more hindrance than support. Since the roads are not enough and hit you severely, there is a high chance of it damaging your components. 

Yes, custom air suspension can be worth your money if you are looking for a smoother ride and improved performance. Custom air suspension can improve your vehicle’s handling, provide better cornering capabilities, and reduce body roll. It can also help your vehicle look better and provide better ride quality. However, it can be expensive and may not be worth the cost for all vehicles. Therefore, it is important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

Custom air suspension is definitely worth the money. if you want to upgrade your vehicle’s suspension performance. Air suspension can provide a smoother ride, better handling, and improved overall performance. It can also reduce wear and tear on your vehicle’s suspension components and make it look more stylish.