On numerous occasions our sales team have been asked about our systems being compatible with fast bagging there vehicle. To answer this question first we need to understand what fast bagging a car or truck really is. The concept of fast bagging simply refers to an air ride kit that will allow the passenger/operator to move the suspension in a very fast way. To do this, a taxing demand of air and increased pressure is required. This additional pressure and large amount of volume can be quite tedious for a small single compressor to keep up with. Even two large compressors can have a hard time keeping up with the air demands required to move any vehicle fast enough to consider it to be fast bagged.

This process now leads us into a diffrent air supply territory, which is regulated down to suitable pressure not to overwhelm the systems maximum pressure specifications. It uses a 80cu ft nitrogen tank that can be purchased or leased from an air gas supplier like Praxair or AirGas. Nitrogen has become the gas standard when it comes to fast bagging anything, and a regulator set between 200 and 300 psi will not exceed any of our parts maximum specs. Keep in mind, when increasing the pressure in your system to speed up the bag movement you may inadvertently cause leaks to occur at your once leak free fitting connections. Using a 50/50 mix of soap and water in a spray bottle and some liquid thread sealer/compound will be your greatest asset in wrapping up any stubborn air leaks. Thought using 3/8 inch air lines are an ok way to go, many prefer to also increase to diameter of the airline to 1/2 or more for an even quicker response.

A Nitrogen Tank Plumbed Air Ride Suspension System – Viewed Above

We hope this helps elaborate on what it takes to fast bag your new or current air ride system. Keeping your compressor or compressors connected while the regulated nitrogen speeds things up is also certainly ok to do and when your out of nitrogen your system will simply revert back to the compressors to maintain your standard operating psi.

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