From the age of hydraulics, switch controllers have had a pronounced place on the retail market. Many years have gone by since then and now there are many more options when it comes to the comfort and truly dynamic features of air ride chassis, no matter what the application. Many standard kit on the market include the basics which can be either a single rocker switch to control all air valves “lift and drop” or multiple rocker switches which control each wheel, the right side, the left side, the front, the back or even combinations of all four wheels. Popular basic electronic models include the 4 switch panel, which will allow control of each wheel independently. This setup is on a bezel and can be mounted in a convenient location within reach. You may be the type that would like all the control in your hand, and if that is the case our handheld switch controllers are the way to go. These controllers range in functionality from a simple 3 switch which will allow front, rear and all up, all down activation. Of if you choose more options then a 7 or 9 rocker switch controller may be for you, either way they are convenient and allow you to tweak in your heights with the toggle of a switch. Some of the 7 and 9 rocker controllers also offer additional features like, key-less entry activation which will allow your vehicle to lower once you leave your vehicle and lock your doors. They also include a handy and secure key to disable your system so no one else will be able to activate the controller without turning it on again with a key! Check out the picture of the multiple manual switch control options X2 Industries offers below:

FBSS AIR RIDE Manual Electronic Air Ride Switch Controllers
Many different switch controller styles available for your air ride suspension system.

If your more interested in a wireless way to control your air ride system then we have you covered there too! With the introduction of Bluetooth and smart phones a new control system has been introduced to provide wireless connectivity and ease of use. This Bluetooth module will provide the functionality of our best rocker switch controllers, but in a wireless format on your Bluetooth enabled Apple, Android, or Blackberry device. No wires equals a more exiting way of controlling you air ride suspension system while at shows or simply exiting your vehicle when out on the town. Many of these systems will require a relay control box which is wired between the logical controller module and valves to support the current your valves require to activate. X2 Industries offers an easy to wire relay box witch will support all the functions you need in one solid unit offering inputs and outputs for 8 individual valves or an 8 valve engine. Keep in mind that wireless units do have there downfalls and can become problematic within high traffic RF or Bluetooth areas, which is very seldom due to the use of these controller systems not being as widespread as the direct wired manual electronic controllers. Check out our custom aftermarket air ride controller section for details on all the latest wireless control methods on the market today!

Android, Blackberry, Apple Smartphone Air Ride Controller. Wireless FBSS Air Controller
Wireless, Bluetooth, RF Air Ride Switch Controllers. Handheld Smartphone Controller Kit. Apple, Android, Blackberry.

Computer Controllers are the newest wave in air ride control, and come with an assortment of mind blowing features that will have you the happy bad ass behind the wheel. These programmable control units can come in many shapes and sizes, and offer a broad spectrum of features which can add convenience and style to your custom vehicle as well as the interior. One of the more basic functions of these controllers is auto ride height leveling and adjustment, which will allow a preset ride height to be obtained by the simple press of a button. Some units can come with 2, 3, or 4 presets and others 6, 7, 8 or more. This ultimate upgrade depending on the controller, can also accommodate either pressure sending units (pressure sensors) or mechanical sending units (mechanical sensors) depending on your budget and the amount of accuracy your looking for once your preset height is activated. Going with a pressure sensing system can vary your final height by a 1/4 of an inch and can even be off quite a bit more if your carrying an unbalanced load at the time of setting your preset or activating a preset height where a controller with mechanical or both pressure and mechanical sending units can adjust the height no matter how unbalanced your ride is and can always keep a reasonably exact height when activated.

Digital Air Ride Controllers, Auto Ride Height, Pressure and Mechanical Sensing Control Modules.
Auto leveling ride height controllers are now the thing of the future by offering convenience and state of the art air ride leveling.

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