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UltraCool Advanced High Performance Cooling Additive



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Keep your ride cool and preserve it’s vintage cooling system with Zirgo? high performance UtlraCool? cooling system additive. It can reduce your engine temperature by up to 30? (eliminating engine knock and pre-detonation) while lubricating and reconstituting seals, rubber, and gaskets, preventing premature failure.? Ultra-cool is specially formulated for older cooling systems and guards against electrolysis and the corrosion of copper, cast iron, aluminum, brass, steel and solder. ?

UltraCool’s? scientifically-blended formula of lubricants and water wetters eliminates the surface tension of your cooling fluid, enabling it to more fully penetrate the microscopic cavities in the surface of metal, absorbing heat more efficiently from the engine block.? The actual surface area of contact between your coolant and the walls of your radiator and engine block is actually increased as the coolant reaches into the small nooks and crannies that its surface tension prevented it from reaching into before.?

Not only does Ultracool make your cooling system work better, it also makes it last longer.

Go beyond cool with Zirgo cooling products for your ride! .

Size :: 16 Ounces
Reduces Engine Temperature :: up to 30?
Prevents Overheating :: Yes
Maximum Corrosion Protection :: Yes
Treats :: Up to 20 Pints
Lubricates :: Yes
Made in the USA

Maximum Cooling Performance
Detailed Instructions
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Toll Free Tech Support

Weight 1.15 lbs


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