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Super Bright Amber (Orange) 1157 Led 12v Bulb

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X2’s? super bright LED 1157 bulbs are the ideal choice for your vehicle. Our LED lights feature 19 individual LED bulbs instead of the industry standard 12 for ultimate brightness, color, and clarity. X2’s DuraBright Technology ensures maximum brightness and light distribution resulting in better then factory operation. X2’s LED’s are ideal factory turn signal and brake light replacements, and can be used in other locations on your vehicle was well. LED bulbs use less energy and produce less heat than standard bulbs, in addition to lasting up to 500 times as long! Installation is a snap as it plugs into your factory bulb socket. Available in 6 different colors. Fits the following bulb numbers 1004, 1157, 1157NA, 17916, 2057, 1141, 1157LL, 1157NA, 17881, 2357, 1154, 1493, 2397, 3496, 1016, 1034, 1130, 7528, 7225

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