Snow White Heavy-Duty Chenille Wash Mitt


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This long lasting absorbent Chenille Car Wash Mitt is soft and protective for use at home and heavy-duty enough for professional auto detailing. The 100% Cotton Chenille is soft enough to protect your paint. The thousands of deeply tufted absorbant yarns attract and trap the dirt from your car and then release it when you submerge the mitt in the wash bucket. This saves your car from the scratches and swirls that are often caused by lesser mitts or rags pushing the dirt around on your paint during washing. The Snow White Heavy-Duty Chenille Wash Mitt is clear-coat safe. Highly absorbent, this car wash mitt will hold a lot of water and car soap suds, cutting down on how often you have to return to the bucket and stepping up the speed and efficiency of your cleaning.

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