PlasmaGlow Single Color 16ft Flexible LED Roll FlexLink – Red (150 LEDs)

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FlexLink LED Rolls by PlasmaGlow are the fastest and easiest way to install LED light over longer distances. They are 16ft (5 meters) long, can be cut to length, and can be connected for longer lengths. They are completely waterproof and extremely durable. Color-Changing FlexLink have the ability to Strobe, Fade, and do multiple other functions. All FlexLink strips are 1cm wide so they can fit in extremely tight spaces.

Color-Changing FlexLink require the PlasmaGlow FlexLink Wireless Controller (Part # 11227). Single-Color FlexLink connect directly to 12-volt power and can be used with the optional PlasmaGlow LED Dimmer (Part # 11150). To hookup FlexLink to a wall outlet, order the PlasmaGlow 12-volt 5-amp Wall Adapter.

Different colors available.

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Weight 3.7 lbs

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