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90 Degree Heavy Duty Remote Automated Lambo Vertical Door System



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90 Degree Heavy Duty Remote Automated Lambo Vertical Door SystemLow Price Guarantee
90 Degree Heavy Duty Remote Automated Lambo Vertical Door SystemQuality Part Guarantee

ALL DOORS UP! Our Upright Lambo Vertical Door System will make your car/truck stand out in a crowd. Do not settle for kits with inadequate door movement! AutoL?cs patented design allows doors to swing up to 130 degrees allow for easy entry and exit of your vehicle.

Our advanced universal design ensures proper fit and a long life of smooth operation. To ensure maximum quality each kit is CAD/CAM designed and QC tested. Available in manual or remote activated automatic kits for all vehicles.

Featured on several TV shows including Monster Garage, and Pimp My Ride AutoLoc Lambo Door kits deliver where all others fails. Insist on the best, and insist on AutoLoc and you be glad you did.

Max Angle :: 90 Degrees
Hinge Style :: Heavy Duty
Automatic Operation :: Yes
Remote Activation :: Yes
1 Touch Operation :: Yes
Anti Wobble :: Yes
Number of Doors :: 2
Material :: Steel
Finish :: Plated
Adjustable :: Yes – 3 Axis
Detachable Arm :: Yes
Hardware :: Installed
Bushing :: Bronze
Hinges :: 2
Gas Struts :: 4 @ 440lbs
Gas Strut Bracket :: 4
Gas Strut Ball Studs :: 8
Mounting Arms :: 2
Control Modules :: 2
Door Solenoids :: 2
Remotes :: 2
Detailed Instructions

Weight 54.15 lbs


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