Tow Overload Assist

Tow overload assist in general is a term for additional load assist equipment that has been added to the vehicle or came installed in the vehicle from the factory.  This overload equipment can include larger rubber diaphragms that work like bump stops to absorb additional or too extreme flex in the overloaded suspension.  Some trucks, SUV’s and cars also include overload leaf springs which is a very simple but unforgiving solution to overload. Ride quality is greatly reduced using overload leaf’s.  The third very common overload assist equipment that you may find in your vehicle is air assist which has become an industry standard for payload and overloaded suspension assistance. This option provides a very reasonable ride quality and can sustain loads in excess of 10K lbs directly over the axle.  It is deemed the best option when it comes to tow assist suspension and payload leveling equipment.

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