Air Tank

Air tanks are a vital part to an air lift or drop suspension kit. Because of the sheer volume of some of these air springs, it is important to have the air available when its needed. This is where the air tank comes in.

Air tanks store a volume of compressed air up to 300 psi in some cases. These tanks come in many different sizes ranging from 3 gallons, 5 gallons, 9 gallons, all the way to 12 gallons. If you are looking to have your air ride suspension system react and have the ability to inflate your air bags with one fill of your tank then capacity is very important. Standard air bags can handle over 200 psi nominally, and hold a volume of air equivalent to a 1 gallon tank. If your vehicle requires more pressure then normal, you may be stuck using up to 80 psi or higher to raise one wheel to your required height. This means that if you simply have a 3 gallons air tank charged to an air ride industry standard of 150 psi, then you can only fill 2 air bags to full height before you will need to wait to recharge your tank. As you can imagine this can become quite frustrating. Utilizing an additional tank and compressor or possibly a larger tank and larger compressor combination would resolve this scenario.

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