Air Cylinders

Air bag suspension cylinders are a low cost alternative to air struts or can be used when there is just not much room for an air bag strut. Air cylinders work by mounting in the same area as your strut, both in the front or rear of your vehicle. It can then be filled with air to increase the height of the cylinders piston which in turn raises your vehicle to your desired height. allowing the air to then travel out of the air cylinder will return the vehicle to the slammed stance. Because air cylinders work almost like hydraulics, in they require a piston to move inside of a closed environment and in order to do this the opposite side (fill chamber) of the piston will be exposed to elements. Adding a mesh fitting or some sort of air filtration can remove some of these foreign particles to extend the longevity of your air suspension cylinders. X2 also provides complete rebuild kits for 3 and 4 inch round air bag cylinders. Cant find what your looking for? Give us a call today!