Air Valves

Pneumatic Automotive Air Bag Valves
Air valves don’t seem to get the recognition they deserve as they are the equipment in your air ride system that make all the magic happen. Air valves open and close to give you the up an down action either electronically or manual depending on the valve you prefer.
Inferior pneumatic air valves can prove to be a nuisance on your air suspension kit if not functioning as intended. They can even leave you stranded or wear out components like the compressor that are required for your system to function efficiently. With slow or leaky valves you over work your compressor and put strain on the internal components, while generating a bunch of unwanted heat. This can eventually seize up your compressor piston and create unnecessary, unexpected out of pocket expenses.
Be sure to get quality independent air valves, vu4 air manafolds, or large fast bag air valve blocks for your air suspension kit from X2 Industries. Our systems will outperform the industry standard for longevity.  Check our selection of Single Valves or Valve Engines for whatever project your working on!

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