Air Compressors

custom aftermarket air compressorsCustom Aftermarket Automotive Air Ride Compressors
It goes without saying that air bag suspension compressors are one of the single most important parts of your custom air suspension kit and can be deemed the heart of your system. Be sure to get an air compressor that will handle the tank size and play time that you require out of your new air suspension. Don’t be left without air, get a quality built reliable compressor that will last you the long haul.
Fill times can very greatly when considering your air management system , and depending on the compressor output and tank size you may end up waiting 8-10 minutes for a full fill only to play with your new adjustable suspension 4-5 minutes before you have to wait again for a full charge.
Need help matching up your new air management system to meet your needs? No problem, give us a call and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales tech’s! X2 caries a large line of air suspension compressors for many different projects.

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