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On numerous occasions our sales team have been asked about our systems being compatible with fast bagging there vehicle. To answer this question first we need to understand what fast bagging a car or truck really is. The concept of fast bagging simply refers to an air ride kit that will allow the passenger/operator to move the suspension in a very fast way. To do this, a taxing demand of air and increased pressure is required. This additional pressure and large amount of volume can be quite tedious for a small single compressor to keep up with. Even two large compressors can have a hard time keeping up with the air demands required to move any vehicle fast enough to consider it to be fast bagged.

This process now leads us into a diffrent air supply territory, which is regulated down to suitable pressure not to overwhelm the systems maximum pressure specifications. It uses a 80cu ft nitrogen tank that can be purchased or leased from an air gas supplier like Praxair or AirGas. Nitrogen has become the gas standard when it comes to fast bagging anything, and a regulator set between 200 and 300 psi will not exceed any of our parts maximum specs. Keep in mind, when increasing the pressure in your system to speed up the bag movement you may inadvertently cause leaks to occur at your once leak free fitting connections. Using a 50/50 mix of soap and water in a spray bottle and some liquid thread sealer/compound will be your greatest asset in wrapping up any stubborn air leaks. Thought using 3/8 inch air lines are an ok way to go, many prefer to also increase to diameter of the airline to 1/2 or more for an even quicker response.

A Nitrogen Tank Plumbed Air Ride Suspension System – Viewed Above

We hope this helps elaborate on what it takes to fast bag your new or current air ride system. Keeping your compressor or compressors connected while the regulated nitrogen speeds things up is also certainly ok to do and when your out of nitrogen your system will simply revert back to the compressors to maintain your standard operating psi.

Looking to get started with your fast bag kit? Need help finding what your looking for? Give us a call 1-800-823-0320

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Many customers forget the very last step to any air ride installation completion, and that is the final alignment of the wheels. Your pocket book may suffer if this is not completed or completed inaccurately.

To begin your alignment process on your new air ride system equip vehicle you will need to pick a reasonable ride height. This ride height will be where you or the customer has chosen to put the height of the vehicle for the majority of the ride, short or long distance. Once a good height is chosen be sure to measure out each corner of the vehicle using a tape measure to ensure that the front axle sides are the same and the rear axle side are the same (symmetrical heights).

After the heights have been set and you are certain that the vehicle is level or alignment, you will want to mark the pressures at each of the corners to ensure you have the ability to reset that height when needed, and you may even want to go to the point of setting this height with a driver in the car to ensure accuracy. Many vehicles have unbalanced weight so expect the gauge readouts at each corner to be very close but almost always different and then mark them down. (EXAMPLE: FL:44PSI, FR:42PSI, RL:31PSI, RR:33:PSI)

After all is recorded, you may begin the alignment process at that specifically set ride height, and rest assured that you are optimizing your tire tread wear as best you can.


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Tow kits have utilized Air Ride Suspension for some time now, riding our day to day driver of that awful looking level, and stiff ride quality found in static suspension tow kits by offering increased carrying/towing capacity while retaining the comfortable feel you are used to with a factory ride. There are many configurations for towing capacity to choose from, and this greatly depends on your application. No matter what you drive “car or truck” nowadays air ride leveling or towing kits are readily available.

In this reading we will talk about some of the industry standard options you have to choose from when considering your tow kit. Considering a budget some may simply start with a manual air fill style helper kit which is as basic as they come. In the diagram below you will see a basic Schrader valve connected to a tee fitting and two air bags. This will allow the user to bear there load for tow and then level to ride accordingly by filling the plumbed tire inflation valve (Schrader Valve) with a detached air compressor.

Tow, Kit Installation, Plumbing, Rear Air Kit , Air Towing Kit
This diagram displayed a typical schematic of a tow kit with plumbing that uses a tee fitting for the fill operation. Very Basic single fill design.

Though this is a very cost effective way to increase your are capacity and allow for a level ride, there are a few down falls. Considering you now do not have an on board air management system, the convenience factor is slim to none. You may also need to consider the ride quality and specific height at the time of the fill, or be stuck pulling over and either inflating the bags again or defining the bags depending on the situation. On top of this your simple inflation plumbing is connected by a tee fitting which ties both air bags together so the roll that you may experience during cornering due to the air transfer from bag to bag as the weight shifts may be more then you would like.


A second option is mechanical push button valves.


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For those looking for assistance and information on there next air ride suspension installation project, then you have come to the right place!
The below generalized documentation will give you a great understanding of the chassis components installation as well as a deeper perspective of the air management hardware, controls and how everything works together.

Each of our air ride systems are a bit different but certainly offer all the hardware required to build a complete on board air system with controls.

To begin we will discuss our standard street style air ride system witch includes a bit smaller hardware without limiting any of the functionality within your system, and is great for the consumer looking to equip there ride on air without the cost, and need to have a great amount of play time.
Illustrated below is the plumbing diagram for said air management system, and as you can see this kit includes 8 independent brass air valves which will section off each corner of the vehicle with a fill and dump valve per wheel.

custom complete air ride systems installation document for plumbing and wiring options.

Need some understanding on the installation process of your air management system? The above and below documentation give you the wiring and plumbing diagrams for both our Plug and Play and Standard custom aftermarket air ride kit.

custom plug and play air ride systems installation document for plumbing and wiring options.