Stopping air ride leaks in there tracks

Categories: Suspension

Are you battling air leaks due to incorrectly installed air fittings in your aftermarket air suspension system that you or someone else just installed? This article may be just what you need to get back on the road in style while giving yourself that piece of mind knowing your system is holding your vital air securely where it needs to be.  Keep your air suspension air in your bags or in your tank without leaking out and over working your compressor or even lowering your suspension while your driving. There is nothing worse then having your suspension slowly bleed down to the ground while you are on a long trip due to a simple slow leak and air is one resource that can be difficult to seal perfectly. One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to air ride installation is that installers use Teflon tape (plumbers tape) when connecting there NPT fittings to there valves, tank or bags. This has been proven to be one of the worst products to use on these connections as it is very slippery and is made from a silicon derivative which causes over-tightening without adding any additional sealing power to your connection. This tape is meant for liquid and in most cases does not  adequately seal an air fitting air tight. It is even possible to break your fittings by using this tape on your air suspension system, and alternatively a lower grade lock tight should be used when installing these parts. The blue colored lock tight will not bind the threads to the point were one would not be able to remove then but instead will create an air tight seal within this connection so that you will not loose air at this point. It works by locking the threads together until it is necessary to remove the fitting and will also fill in the gaps, imperfections and flow between the threads to dry and create a solid air tight connection. You will also notice that when using this product it is much more difficult to over-tighten the fitting witch will eliminate the amount of broken fittings that you encounter due to over-tightening. Be sure to seal up your air ride installation the right way and grab a bottle of liquid lock tight or equivalent liquid thread compound before you get started!