After Air Ride Installation.. Be sure to Align your Ride!

Categories: Suspension

Many customers forget the very last step to any air ride installation completion, and that is the final alignment of the wheels. Your pocket book may suffer if this is not completed or completed inaccurately.

To begin your alignment process on your new air ride system equip vehicle you will need to pick a reasonable ride height. This ride height will be where you or the customer has chosen to put the height of the vehicle for the majority of the ride, short or long distance. Once a good height is chosen be sure to measure out each corner of the vehicle using a tape measure to ensure that the front axle sides are the same and the rear axle side are the same (symmetrical heights).

After the heights have been set and you are certain that the vehicle is level or alignment, you will want to mark the pressures at each of the corners to ensure you have the ability to reset that height when needed, and you may even want to go to the point of setting this height with a driver in the car to ensure accuracy. Many vehicles have unbalanced weight so expect the gauge readouts at each corner to be very close but almost always different and then mark them down. (EXAMPLE: FL:44PSI, FR:42PSI, RL:31PSI, RR:33:PSI)

After all is recorded, you may begin the alignment process at that specifically set ride height, and rest assured that you are optimizing your tire tread wear as best you can.