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FlashWave LED Strobe Kit



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The FlashWave LED Strobe Kit uses the same latest technology as our Headlight Strobe Kit to bring ambulance-power strobes to your vehicle in a compact package and utilize the brightness and intensity of LED Lights. The LED Strobe Panels draw minimal power, do not heat up, and are guaranteed to last forever.
Two Strobe Panels are included, and can be mounted on the bumper, roof, or anywhere else your vehicle. The kit features 5 strobe patterns and 2 speeds that can be changed with a push of a button with the included remote. The included LED Strobe Controller can be used to strobe any 12V product (up to 2,000 LED Lights). You can also get additional strobe panels to mix and match colors in your kit.
PlasmaGlow Strobe Kits are the only kits on the market to feature patented SSA (Strobe Security Alert) technology. SSA interfaces with any security system to activate your strobes with your alarm.

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