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Direct Connect Ac Bulkhead 4 Port Plate



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Direct Connect Ac Bulkhead 4 Port PlateLow Price Guarantee
Direct Connect Ac Bulkhead 4 Port PlateQuality Part Guarantee

These customizable AC bulkhead system provides a custom solution for feeding your hoses through your vehicle’s firewall. Drilling a bunch of individual holes of different sizes in your firewall to feed your hoses through is both tedious and unsightly.Our AC bulkhead makes installation clean and easy.

Instead of having to buy pre-configured bulkhead sizes and layouts, this customizable bulkhead system allows you to choose your plate size and configuration and then choose individual connector sizes for a completely custom solution.

Zirgo bulkheads feature corrosion resistant design and materials, and are CAD engineered for precise installation and effectiveness. All cooling accessories come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

4 Port Plate
Direct Connect Technology
Fully customizable bulkheads
Choose individual plates and connectors
Corrosion resistant
CAD engineering
Easy installation
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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