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Clear Green with Sparkle Retro Custom Shift Knob with Metal Flake



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Clear Green with Sparkle Retro Custom Shift Knob with Metal FlakeLow Price Guarantee
Clear Green with Sparkle Retro Custom Shift Knob with Metal FlakeQuality Part Guarantee

Add a touch of vintage to your ride with these retro Custom Shift Knobs. Choose from a variety of colors and while you?re at it, why not add custom etching to make a true statement! Custom Shift Knobs are 2.4 inches in diameter and available in several colors.

Each knob offers a precision threaded adapter to ensure a snug fit. This unique system improves drivers feedback while providing a smooth sold shift feeling. Knob includes a pre-installed 16mm threaded steel insert for rock-solid mounting. Depending on your make and model this knob may require an adapter. The American Shifter Company stocks a complete line of Custom Shift Knob adapters and is sure to have the correct one for your vehicle.

All Retro? series of Custom Shift Knobs can be custom etched to include your shift pattern, logo, or design of your choose.

Color :: Clear Green Metal Flake
16mm x 1.5 Threaded Insert Installed
High Gloss Finish
Fits all traditional Adapters
Jam Nut Included
Packaged in a Double Sided Blister
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Custom Etch Patterns Available :: Yes
Custom Etch Graphics Available:: Yes
Diameter :: 2.4″
Fits Brody Knob Adapter :: Yes

Weight 0.3 lbs


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