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Clay Pad Car Polish Paint Rejuvenator

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Now you, the car fanatic, can achieve clay bar results with a unique liquid design specifically for use with the revolutionary Antee Web Wax Applicator system. This unique system is sold exclusively by Lane?s Professional Car Products. The Paint Rejuvenator System provides the same results of a clay bar, leaving behind a brilliant car polish shine and smooth finish. The Paint Rejuvenator System eliminates swirl marks, paint discoloration and/or oxidation and minimizes paint webbing. The Paint Rejuvenator System will smooth and polish auto glass, fiberglass and gel coat finishes on boats and RVs in half the time of a clay bar. The Paint Rejuvenator is a polish, while the Antee Web Wax Applicator contains clay which deep cleans your automotive clear coat eliminating swirl marks, providing a smooth surface. The Paint Rejuvenator System works in conjunction with Lane?s Gold Edition and Lane?s Super Seal Paint Sealant Sealer Wax to provide your vehicle the protection it needs to have a showroom finish look and feel. Directions: Simply spray the Paint Rejuvenator car polish in the center of the Antee Web Wax Applicator to activate the clay. Apply the Antee Web Wax Applicator in circular motions doing one section of your vehicle at a time, keeping the Web Wax Applicator moist at all times. Allow to dry for 2 to 3 minutes and wipe area clean with a dry microfiber towel. Repeat process until the vehicle’s clear coat has been rejuvenated. Now you can save time and receive the same results as using a clay bar.

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