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4 Door Power Lock Kit with Alarm

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4 Door Power Lock Kit with AlarmLow Price Guarantee
4 Door Power Lock Kit with AlarmQuality Part Guarantee

POWER UP! With Our power door lock conversion kit. Our remote power doors transform your manual door locks to automatic door locks in under an hour! Each kit is specifically designed and manufactured with the highest quality parts. Every kit comes with Our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Our 4 Door Central Power Door Locking System w/ Alarm is unique because it allows you to activate your locks using your original plungers, eliminating the need to mount switches in your door or fill in the hole left by your original door plungers. When the plunger in your drivers door is depressed or raised, or your key is turned, the other door in your vehicle automatically power locks or unlocks. This is easily accomplished because of Our exclusive 5-wire actuators with built in micro-switches, which communicate with one another to act simultaneously, resulting in prompt, professional performance and easy installation.

Each CA4000 comes with a Stellar ST8000 Vehicle Security system. Measuring less than 4x 2 inches, the ST8000 offers the most advanced security features ever built into a compact case. With one of the most advanced Dual-Stage Shock Sensors available, the ST8000 is a great alternative to the over priced and hard to install alarms that are commonly available today. Using technology developed for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile, the ST8000’s fully adjustable Shock Sensor features Fuzzy Logic Programming, “warn first” mode, and 5 zones of protection.

The ST8000 comes loaded with features, including built-in Parking Light relays, Remote Keyless Entry, Extra Outputs for Additional Accessories, Code Learning/Rolling Technology, Remote Shock Adjustment, Priority Lock/Unlock, Horn Honk Output, Parking/Dome Light Supervision, Ignition Triggered Locks, Remote Anti-Hijack, Silent Arm/Disarm, and much more.

Each ST8000 comes with two long-range remotes, plug in super bright LED, plug in wiring harness, and shock impact case. The ST8000 features a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

DON’T BUY JUNK! Our kits are top quality and back by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our central locking kits eliminate the need to mount additional switches in your vehicle. Unlocking and locking your doors is accomplished by the original factory door plunger. This results in a factory installed look! For added convenience locking/unlocking the front doors will lock/unlock all the other doors. AutoL?c offers kits with and without remotes!

Kits are available for ALL cars, vans, & trucks. Detailed instructions walk you step by step through the quick and simple installation. If not much of a reader? AutoL?c offers instructional CD-ROM videos (CDROM-DL) that ensure quick and easy installation. AutoL?c also offers kits without remote (CL4000) that can be added to any aftermarket alarm with door lock outputs.

No matter what kit you choose you can’t go wrong, when you go with AutoL?c!

Insist on the best, and insist on AutoLoc and you be glad you did.

5-wire Actuators With Built-in Micro switches
Actuators :: 4
Door Actuator :: 5.5?
Extended length :: 6.25?
Central Locking Unit-
Length :: 2.5?
Width :: 1.75?
Receiver Unit-
Length :: 2.125?
Height :: 1?
Width :: 2.75?
Mounting Rod :: Steel :: 12?
Door Rod :: Steel :: 12?
Receiver/Transmitter :: Plastic
Alarm Horn :: Plastic
Length :: 3.75
Width :: 3?
Height :: 4?
Easy Installation
Key And Door Plunger Activation
Dual Stage Adjustable Shock Sensor w/ “warn First” Feature
Remote Keyless Entry
Extra Outputs For Additional Accessories
Code Learning/rolling Technology
Horn Honk Output
Ignition Triggered Locks
Remote Anti-hijack
Fault Tolerant Outputs w/ Short Protection
Silent (parking Light) Arm/disarm
Microprocessor Control
Made In USA
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Weight 4.5 lbs
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