Top 8 Benefits of Using Custom Air Suspension

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The trend of Custom Air Suspension will never go out of fashion. With a customized air system, not only will your car give better performance but also your car will have stylish modifications on looks. As a result, you get a car that would run better and attract more eyes. However I believe that many of you are there who still don’t go for the customization and are probably not aware of the benefits of Custom Air Suspension, this blog is exactly for that. 

Introduction to Custom Air Suspension

Custom air suspension systems are designed to improve the ride quality of a vehicle by providing adjustable ride height, improved handling, and increased shock absorption. Through the use of air bladders, adjustable valves, and a compressor, drivers are able to customize the ride characteristics of their vehicles to match their driving style and comfort level.

By replacing traditional steel coil or leaf springs with air bladders, the driver can adjust the height of the vehicle. This allows for the suspension to be lowered for improved aerodynamics and handling or raised for off-road performance. Through the use of adjustable valves, drivers are able to customize their ride comfort and damping. By adjusting the amount of air pressure in the bladders, drivers are able to adjust the stiffness of their suspension. The compressor is used to maintain the desired air pressure in the bladders and is typically mounted inside of the vehicle.

Custom air suspension systems offer many advantages over traditional suspension systems. They are lighter, more adjustable, and can be customized to any driving style. Additionally, they are more reliable and require less maintenance than traditional suspension systems. With the right setup, custom air suspensions can provide improved handling, better ride quality, and a more comfortable driving experience.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the top 8 benefits of using a custom air suspension system in your vehicle. 

1.    Reduced Noise, Vibrations, and Harshness:

One major problem that drivers face each day is harshness during their driving. You can’t expect well-maintained roads everywhere. Thus you need to be ready with your seat belt and an open eye to overcome those problems. You certainly can’t renovate the roads of your country but you can reduce the harshness by implanting a custom air suspension system. 

Noise and Vibrations cause fatigue and therefore are dangerous for your driving. The custom air suspension system increases the fluidness of the vehicle, giving better wear to its component. The air suspension system reduces the vibrations. As a result, you get a nearly flawless driving experience. 

2.    Improved Fuel Consumption:

Custom Air Suspensions give you vehicle height optimization. Lowers the height of the vehicle, the better the aerodynamics. Some air suspensions can optimise the height of the vehicle and its speed. Less weighted vehicle’s height is high and therefore the air suspension faces higher air resistance. This is less beneficial for driving. 

On the other hand, when the vehicle has a greater load, it faces less wind resistance. It offers you better speed at a low height. You can even achieve a higher corner speed during turns. It saves you time when you drive through routes having a lot of turns. 

A small engineering intelligence helps you save fuel on every turning route. You get extra fuel for each of your journeys. 

3.    More versatile on Certain Types of Terrain:

Air suspension systems are height adjustable. With different types of loads, the air suspension balances the four-wheel equally and as required. Some systems come with kneel & raise mode to help clear the bumps in roads. It allows the driver to be flexible and in comfort during his drive. Air suspension helps balance equilibrium in all four wheels in case of difficult roads or uneven load settings. It helps your vehicle to reduce the load rolling in it. The air suspension has customised control over the height with a height control valve, which allows the trailer to be on the higher and lower level for maintaining consistency. 

4.    More Versatile for Some Loads:

Some loads need more safety such as glass items. They can go break if disturbed by a minor severe imbalance or vibration. Generally, trailers and trucks are better choices for carrying these sensitive items. 

It also benefits other loads in carrying and delivering to destinations. This means a trailer, truck or any other vehicle having a custom air suspension system turns out to be more versatile and comfy for all kinds of stuff inside. A better grip increases durability and establishes equilibrium among all four corners of the vehicle. 

5.    Improved Tire Life:

Tire life depends on the vehicle’s performance and the roads. During the drive, a vehicle creates vibrations. The more damaged you drive on, the more severe would be the vibrations. Tires are always the first victim of bad roads. The friction erodes the tires slowly and roughly. An air suspension improves the tier life by minimising the vibrations. Smooth driving leads to a better and longer life of tires. Further, the air suspension also uses the unused axles of the tire. This also increases tire life. 

6.    Less Damage to Road:

Air suspension not only benefits your tires but also the roads you travel. Since the running air suspension improves the smoothness of the driving, it radiates fewer vibrations to the surface resulting in less damage to the road. As a result, it increases the life of roads too. The less damage to roads and bridges makes it available for long term use. Also, it affects the nearby building and structures and transmits fewer vibrations to them. 

7.    Less Load Shifting and Damage:

When you install a custom air suspension system, it reduces the vibrations that get generated during the drive. This helps stabilise the loads on the truck. Better packaging and load restraints reduce the amount of damage on any load. The air suspension gives the whole system an additional layering of safety. Smooth driving makes sure that your load does not move inside the vehicle too much causing severe disturbance and damage to the load. The air suspension system soothes your ride over bumpy roads and balances all corners of your vehicle resulting in additional levels of cushioning. 

8.    Overall More Comfortable:

A spring suspension helps you to take control of the grip of the vehicle. However, it is rigid but the Air suspension system gives you a more flexible and standard control. It balances your car, gives more comfort behind the wheels, and sets up equilibrium between load and tires. 

The air suspension provides better control during the drive and off-roading. It also soothes your driving experiences by reducing the disturbance on uneven roads. The use of airbags instead of springs improves the comfort for passengers. 


Custom Air Suspension System allows you to improve your driving experience. It improves the quality of car balance, better grip on turns, high speed but fewer vibrations, and comfort for the driver and the passengers. An air suspension system also reduces the severe damage to loads caused by the severe displacement of goods. 

Above we have discussed some points to explain the benefits. If you are still using the spring suspension system in your vehicle, it’s the right time to shift from spring suspension to an air suspension system for a better driving experience.